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Eastern Goldfields

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Glen Michaelides



Key Features

  • Under semi-management
  • Highly competent team
  • Unique ip and facilities
  • Nearly 20 years of trusted momentum
  • Recession and downturn proof
  • Low-risk key client retention features
  • Essential high-demand low, competition niche


After nearly 20 Years as a benchmark for quality and reliability in engineering, this company takes well-deserved pride in the fact that many of its original clients continue to find it the most reliable and highest quality fit-for-purpose solution provider by way of service replacement parts and repairs in the industry.

Critical Points to Understand:

This Engineering Business for Sale has the plant, equipment, team, and knowledge to undertake specialised engineering and repairs for mining and earthmoving equipment.

Many of the products and repairs commissioned by its clients are essential to either their completion of projects or ongoing maintenance and repairs. They literally could not function if a breakdown occurred without the expertise and service of this company.

This highly in-demand Engineering Business for Sale has the capacity and means to handle big and small jobs both in-house and in the field without the expense of contracting out.

  • Under Semi-Management
  • Highly Competent Team
  • Unique and Innovative IP and Facilities
  • Nearly 20 Years of Trusted Momentum
  • The GO-TO Innovative Industry Supplier
  • Low-Risk Key Client Retention Features
  • Essential High-Demand, Low-Competition Niche


This Engineering Business for Sale is highly equipped to design, manufacture and replace specific wearing items for mining and earthmoving equipment.

Long-serving skilled staff take pride in their workmanship, taking responsibility for producing jobs to exact tolerances and the highest standard of quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction with fast and efficient turnaround.

The business practically runs itself with a manager and the second in charge handling the bulk of the day-to-day running of the company. The owner only works on high-level business operations for 30 hours per week.

Most other engineering companies don’t have the extensive equipment, highly trained teams, industry-leading technology, and unique and innovative IP that this company has invested in.

Downtime for business is costly and can lead to expensive project blowouts. Hence, it’s no wonder its loyal and long-standing clients will pay a premium to get the job done on time and to a very high level of quality and service.


It’s a rock-solid Engineering Business for Sale that thrived through economic ups and downs, servicing a loyal base of customers in the Mining Resources, Construction Industries, all of which need the services of this company regardless of the economy.

That alone would guarantee continued revenues and profits for the foreseeable future. But if coupled with an owner or salesperson focused on marketing, this company would further boost sales and ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

This business has, organically, increased its turnover and customer base yearly.

NEVER pursued any sales or focused marketing efforts.

The work “just comes to us”, says the owner. For the last 20 years, we have had absolutely “no sales and marketing efforts” In fact, we have completed tens of thousands of jobs in the previous 20 years through word-of-mouth with the same clients calling us back over and over without putting it out to tender.

The vast majority of sales are self-propelled. However, the seller believes that a wise and able person can come in here and further increase revenue and cash flow by doing proactive sales prospecting.

The Office of the Chief Economist’s latest annual report, ‘Resources and Energy Major Projects’, found the value of committed projects had increased by 30 per cent over the past year to $39 billion, suggesting “investment in Australia’s resources projects has entered a new growth cycle.” It was the first increase in committed projects in six years.

The total number of resources and energy major development projects increased by 19 per cent to 335 projects, while the value of projects in the investment pipeline increased by 4 per cent to $334 million.

“The growth in committed projects speaks to global companies’ high confidence to invest in iron ore, gold, oil and gas, battery materials and other projects in WA.”


Diversity of Customer:

The convenience of having a one-stop shop” for specialised engineering requirements is also essential. Customers know that their products and repairs will be right the first time; this company has consistent contact with customers and is aware of what’s coming up in future work, allowing the owner to plan to accommodate the workflow throughout the business.


With 20 experienced cross-trained and trade-qualified employees covering all aspects of the business, ensuring the finest quality work every time, including the leading hand/supervisor with a tenure of over four years.

In short, the workers are paid above-market wages and love what they do, so they want to stay. It’s that simple.

Part-Time Owner:

The present owner opts to work part-time in the business, working around two weeks each month. His primary duties are general administration and responding to calls and emails. Contact with new clients is limited to handling enquiries through word-of-mouth referrals.

Cross-trained staff and supervisors make it easy for the owner to oversee the business operations. The current owner works a low hour per week on average because the team have it well covered.

It’s a unique business with tremendous opportunities. So we have prepared a full-colour Detailed Business Report to share with you.

Register your interest by clicking on the “email me” link at the top right-hand corner or the bottom of the screen.

Please note that the details of this business are highly confidential. As a result – no information will be shared before signing a confidentiality agreement.

Key Features

  • Under semi-management
  • Highly competent team
  • Unique ip and facilities
  • Nearly 20 years of trusted momentum
  • Recession and downturn proof
  • Low-risk key client retention features
  • Essential high-demand low, competition niche

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