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Business for Sale South West WAPerformance Business Sales. The Best Way to Buy or Sell a Business in Regional Western Australia

Welcome to the Performance Business Sales South West division – the first business brokerage that will save sellers and buyers time, money, frustration and risk. It’s our South West presence that sets us apart, making the wise choice for those seeking to buy or sell a business in the South West region of WA.

Unlike other Business brokers, Performance Business Sales has a database of both local, interstate and international buyers.

As A Seller Of A Business you have 4 choices :

Option One - Sell the Business Yourself

You will always be better off being at arms-length to the negotiations and allow the specialists to do that for you. We are experienced in negotiating the best possible price and sale conditions whilst also coordinating the process successfully through to settlement.

  • This can be time consuming and difficult to achieve the best price without previous sales evidence and a database of qualified buyers.
  • In not having previous sales evidence, buyers are advantaged in offering a price below your business’s true value. We believe every sale fostered by us receives a higher price than without using our services.
  • Without a structure sale agreement you could be legally exposed.
  • Difficulty in collecting the buyer’s deposit without a trust account.
  • It will be virtually impossible to maintain confidentiality without the help of a professional broker to filter non-qualified Buyers.
  • No current database of buyers will result in your business taking longer to sell thus increasing confidentiality breaches.
Option Two - Sell Your Business through a Local Country Real Estate Agent/Broker
  • Local agents generally lack the knowledge and experience of a professional Business Broker dedicated to business sales.
  • Local agents will find it hard to maintain confidentially as word of the sale will likely reach you staff, suppliers and customers through small town gossip.
  • Local agents
    Lack of Buyers. Without a larger pool of databased metropolitan Buyers wanting to relocate to the South West you will be at a clear disadvantage in obtaining the fastest sale at the best price.
  • Most local agents advertise country businesses in a way that is easy to identify the business. For example: there may be only a few Drycleaners in the Southwest. If a local agent advertised the business as a drycleaner the confidentiality could be compromised simply because there is only a minor number throughout the Southwest. Furthermore, by stating the business is a drycleaner it is likely other competitor drycleaners will enquire to find out who is on the market without any intention of buying.
  • Local agents generally do not have a page one presence on buyer google searches. Nor do they have a substantial website to give buyers confidence.
  • How will a local agent have Perth based buyers sign confidentiality agreements when the Buyer resides in the CBD? And the agent is based in the country. It would be unreasonable to expect the buyer to drive down from Perth only to find your business was not what he wanted. In our experience, if the internet advertisement does not already identify your business, local agents generally advise the buyer what the business is over the phone or email.
Option Three - Sell Your Business though a Perth Based Brokerage
  • Perth Business brokers will not generally have the ultimate knowledge of current prices being achieved specific country regions. This can be likened to using a real estate agent located in Kelmscott to sell a business in City Beach.
  • If they do not have a specialist division they are not likely to have a substantial South West Buyer database. And without competition from multiple buyers the sale takes longer and the price is lower.
  • Will an Agent in the CBD be in attendance with every buyer’s onsite meeting at your business?
    The short answer is probably not. Most Perth based agents would find it difficult to allocate the time driving back and forth from Perth.
  • Perth based brokers would have difficulty in maintaining confidentiality with South West Buyers they generally reveal the type of business when enticing any country buyer responses to internet advertising.
Option Four - Selling Your Business through Performance Business Sales has a Clear Advantage

PBS have a substantial database of both metropolitan and country buyers for your business. Because we have a number of our brokers residing in the regional areas of the South West, the seller has the best of both worlds…

  • In the case of metropolitan buyer enquiries - These Buyers will be interviewed at our Perth office where a confidentiality agreement will be signed prior to any identifying information is handed out on your business. Once the confidentially agreement has been signed our Perth office will advise our local regional broker to make an appointment to show your business after hours.
  • Likewise, our Brokers residing in the South will have their own local buyer data base and will deal with these buyers direct when having confidentiality agreements signed.
  • Where confidentiality is required at the highest level we recommend offering regional country businesses to Perth based buyers in the first instant.
  • Because we have local brokers in your area we will always be in attendance for onsite walk-through meetings at your business premises after hours or at another appropriate time.
  • Performance Business Sales has one of the largest web based Buyer databases in WA and we can confirm many of these buyers are wanting to buy a business in regional country WA. Over the past few years our Perth office has reported the number of Perth based buyers is increasing due to Baby Boomers wanting to retire in the South West.
  • Performance Business Sales has in excess of 20 years regional country business sales experience allowing us to accurately price your business based on previous sales evidence.
  • Our highly detailed, full colour business reports are diligently produced on each business we sell. With so many successful sales achieved for over the past 2 decades we have forged an ongoing partnership with Buyer’s and Seller’s accountants effectively generating continued Buyer and Seller referrals. In many cases one regional accountant has referred us to sell a client’s business and another accountant referring a buyer. This often achieves a full price, fast sale with no advertising required thus maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

No other broker has been able to match Performance Business Sales in either the high level of confidentiality we maintain on each business listed or the sheer number of buyers registered on our cloud based buyer database. Having a Perth office to interview and shift Perth based Buyers to our local residing country brokers is advantage in maximising the number of Buyers without compromising confidentiality.

The Facts

We realise that Buyers and Sellers seek important criteria – confidentiality, a fast sale and a fair and equitable price.

When Performance Business Sales advertises business for sale we maintain tight security by not identifying your industry. Rather than reveal specific identifying features of a business we highlight our business advertisement headings in a way it disguises the business. For example, a window film distributor may have a headline as “An Environmental Necessity”. This acts to protect the business’s confidentiality – especially in the case of a small regional centre where even the description of the business would reveal its identity.

Previously, many regional and rural businesses mostly sold to people living in the nearest large town or city. By choosing PBS, vendors gain access to both local and more importantly a large pool of metropolitan potential buyers.

Because your local Performance Business Sales agent knows the area well, he is better able to sell the business. You get the best regional sales system ever devised for the sale of regional businesses - local knowledge – Perth Buyers – Local Buyers – confidentiality and the best representation.

What the Seller Receives
  • Onsite attendance when introducing the Buyer to your business.
  • An honest evaluation of current market conditions.
  • A realistic sale price based on previous sales evidence.
  • A ‘user-friendly’ questionnaire that enables you to accurately describe your business for our professional writers.
  • A database of bona fide buyers who may be already interested in buying a business like yours.
  • Confidential marketing designed specifically for regional country businesses.
  • A quick sale - at the best price.
What the Buyer Receives
  • Business profiling that cross matches your specific requirements.
  • Targeted business search.
  • Financial assessment.
  • A unique and comprehensive 70+ page business sales report which presents all the facts about the business including financial accounts, monthly sales breakdown analysis, customer profiling, staff particulars etc.
  • Constant and consistent ‘one-on-one’ support from an experienced business broker throughout the sales process
  • A shorter-than-normal buying period.
Performance Business Sales System

The best way to sell a business today - and tomorrow.

  • Your local Business broker.
  • Free market appraisals.
  • State-wide wide buyers.
  • Best price.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Shortest sale time.
  • Business sales report.
Performance Business Sales

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