Step By Step Process

The Step-By-Step Process…

That allows you to buy exactly the right business with absolute confidence. As you go through the business acquisition process, you’ve got two choices:

  • You can take control by completing our Business Search. Form ( and ask Performance Business Sales to refine a discreet and confidential search for businesses that fit your specific criteria.
  • Or you can continue to waste time and money searching for businesses advertised for sale on the web and try to figure out which ones might be right for you from the many low-grade businesses advertised.

Finding and buying the right business entirely by yourself has never been easy. Many of those who’ve tried agree it is one of the most difficult tasks they’ve ever undertaken. Some have even given up in frustration.

Why Is This?

Well it has a lot to do with a failure to plan, ignorance of the process and an unwillingness to call in the experts and as a result many buyers never find what they are looking for.

If this is the case, contact a Performance Business Sales broker who will greatly assist you in this process. We are innovative brokers using sophisticated search techniques to match each business to a known potential buyer.

Brokers Like Performance Business Sales

From the first meeting with Performance Business Sales you’ll notice our businesses are of a higher quality than businesses listed with other brokers.

Our motto is Quality, not Quantity. Over 30 years of canvassing businesses for sale, we have unlocked the secret to listings higher quality businesses that show higher growth and therefore reflect a lower risk than most businesses promoted by other broking companies.

Our research has found many of these business owners want to sell, but postpone the sale of their business because they are afraid business brokers and buyers will not be able to maintain a confidential sale through the normal marketing methods.

From the seller’s point of view, if clients, suppliers, competitors or staff discover the business is for sale before being advised in person by the owner, it could be extremely damaging to the business. This is what has led Performance Business Sales to develop what it believes to be the only database-driven, fully-computerised business acquisition system in Australia. It’s called Personalised Business Search® and has been designed specifically to overcome the business owners’ confidentiality concerns.

Genuine sellers will meet only genuine buyers. This results in a fast confidential sale – just what every business owner wants when they sell their business.