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the best businesses

Best Business,
Minimum Time,
Less Risk.

It’s a requirement that never changes. No matter what the business size. No matter what the business sector.

So how can you make sure you find the best business in the shortest time?

Simple - In fact, it’s as easy as reading this article.

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$1,000 cash back

Now There’s A Faster
Way To Buy A Low Risk

This is the ultimate business acquisition system that will
truly save you time, money, frustration and risk.

Personalised Business Search
is unique in so many ways. There is no other business acquisition reward program
like it.

Find the perfect business And Get $1,000 Cash Back.

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buyer waiting list

Selling a Business in
The Shortest Time
- Is No Fluke;

It requires considerable expertise to maintain confidentiality and obtain the best price in the shortest timeframe

Performance Business Sales has a data base of over 3,500 buyers waiting to buy good performing businesses.

How we sell businesses in an average time of just 3 weeks?

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Experience, integrity, innovation


Performance Business Sales, is one of Australia’s most successful and innovative exponents of the sale and acquisition of privately-owned businesses.

Innovative too because we rely on the very latest business appraisal systems in order to establish a genuine market value that is acceptable to both parties.

Why innovative? Well at Performance Business Sales, we do things differently.

First we provide the option of utilising a unique and exclusive computer program to significantly reduce the amount of time and hassle involved in buying or selling a business. This specially-developed software package can cross-reference all the relevant business details in order to match purchasers and vendors in the most appropriate way.

All this results in a proven and remarkable success rate of 98% plus a reduction in the average time to sell or buy a business.’

Finding the business that's right for you


Buying a business is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. There's also every chance that it will be one of the largest transactions you will ever negotiate in your lifetime. The financial stakes are extremely high and the difference between a good and a bad sale is counted in tens of thousands of dollars.

From the first meeting you will see our approach is different from other business brokers. You'll find our selected business listings are of a higher quality, and therefore reflect a lower risk, than those of our competitors. We achieve this by carefully targeting pre-selecting business types and then enter all relevant financial data from the business into our exclusive pre-appraisal computer program which helps to provide an accurate business price based on previous successful sales.

For The Buyer...

...Finding The Right Business For You

Performance Business Sales assists people from out-of-state and overseas, as well as local buyers, to secure a business which meets their specific needs and expectations as to:

  • Low Owner involvement (everything from 40 hours a week hands-on to businesses run entirely under management).
  • High Gross Profit Percentage.
  • Low Staff Numbers.
  • Low Overheads.
  • Key Market Sector (wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, hospitality, professional, transport).
  • Location (Perth, Bunbury and the southwest of Western Australia) and any other parameters that are important to you.
  • Recession Proof Products and much more.

We specialise in the sale of privately owned businesses with annual revenues between $200,000 and $40 million, with a database of hundreds of businesses for sale. But even if the ideal business for you isn't currently on the market, a Performance Business Sales System broker can still help. Using Personalised Business Search ®, we can access the details of over 300,000 businesses. We know who owns what, and who may be willing to sell, and will undertake a marketing campaign to find a willing seller whose business has the attributes you seek.

If you are interested in a "Personalised Business Search" fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly, or fill in our online personalised business search form now.

For The Seller...

...A Fast, Confidential and Accurate Business Sale


If you're selling a business, or considering it - whether you're in retail, wholesale, manufacturing or service - a Performance Business Sales System broker can provide you with an accurate appraisal of its worth, based on our expert knowledge and access to data on businesses similar to yours which have sold in the same market.

When you do make the decision to sell, the Performance Business Sales System means your broker is able to sell businesses in a fraction of the time it usually takes, with complete confidentiality.


We provide;

  • Assistance in compiling details of your business through a detailed step-by-step questionnaire.
  • A comprehensive full colour business report, unique to Performance Business Sales, presenting your business professionally in over 40 pages of detail.
  • All the documentation required to complete the sale, generated by our exclusive automated computer software system and has been checked to comply with all applicable laws.

Local Knowledge > National Reach > Your Advantage

Industry Expertise, No Matter What The Business

Performance Business Sales (PBS) are in the process of rolling out Licensed offices throughout all parts of Australia. The power of local branch offices combining the power of a proven dedicated automated Business Broking system with the knowledge of the local market sets a standard for which other Business Brokers are judged.


For sellers, combining our brokers local specialized knowledge with the immense power of the Performance Business Sales System (PBSS), together with their access to the network of business brokers across Australia means you're not dealing with an impersonal big city firm which doesn't understand your business. Rather, you've got someone who has been highly trained to deal with the buyer's enquiries leaving you continue to manage the day-to-day operations of your business with a minimum of fuss.

For buyers, it means that no matter where you are in Australia, whether it's where you presently live, or in another state, or in a smaller community for a 'sea change' lifestyle - the Performance Business Sales System network of business brokers will be able to help.

When dealing with an authorised user of the PBS system, you're assured of professional cost-efficient service, since every broker using the System will be comprehensively trained not only in unique software but in every aspect of listing and selling businesses - from the legal aspects through to the most effective forms of marketing.

The Best Way To Buy Or Sell A Country Business


Minimum hassle. Best price. Less time. That’s the Performance Business Sales promise.


It won’t matter if you’re selling or buying a business in Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Geralton, or Albany the Performance Business Sales System gives us a clear edge over our competitors. It also gives us access to a large number of qualified buyers who we know will suit your business.

Unlike most country Business Brokers, shouting from the rooftop, is far from our style. Instead our normal practice is to first determine the prospective buyer’s level of interest without revealing your company’s identity.

This “softly, softly” approach avoids bargain hunters, helps minimise disruption and maintains the highest level of security. It’s only when a buyer shows a proper level of interest that serious negotiations begin.

And although there is a possibility of selling your business to people living in the immediate locality, a bigger opportunity exists to gain access to the larger pool of PBS registered buyers residing in the capital cities. PBS has a growing number of registered buyers who wish to move away from the metropolitan area and buy a country business for lifestyle or semi retirement reasons.

The Facts
  • We realise that buyers and sellers seek three important criteria - confidentiality, a fast sale and a fair and equitable price.
  • The system is designed to protect the seller's confidentiality and all buyers must sign a deed of confidentiality prior to any details to help protect the business's details from reaching unauthorised people. This is especially important in the case of a small regional centre, where even the description of the business can sometimes reveal its identity.

Businesses For Sale: Perth Western Australian Headquarters


In Perth, Performance Business Sales is headed by the company's Principals Graham Nankivell and Russell Lyon. With more than 45 years combined experience in business broking, selling more than $50 million worth of businesses a year, Graham and Russell head a team of professional and dedicated brokers whose background and expertise includes every industry sector including:

  • Wholesale Businesses
  • Import Export Business
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Service Businesses
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Retail Businesses
  • Hotel & Liquor Businesses
  • Medical Businesses
  • Solar Energy Businesses
  • Automotive Industry Specialists
  • Tourism Businesses
  • Winery Businesses
  • Packaging Businesses

We appreciate that buying or selling a business is a major commitment, one which must be handled with integrity, accuracy and understanding; attributes that are appreciated by the many accountants, bankers, financial advisers and immigration consultants who regularly recommend us to their clients.

At Performance Business Sales we firmly believe that “Performance” is the key to your success. So why not put us to the test.’

Performance Business Sales - Head Office

45 Ventnor Avenue
West Perth WA 6005

T:: (08) 9429 8882
F:: (08) 9429 8800
E:: Graham Nankivell
E:: Russell Lyon

PERFORMANCE BUSINESS SALES - The Accountant's Choice - Experienced Business Brokers specialising in the sale and acquisition of Commercial & Industrial Businesses - Wholesale, Distribution, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Service, Transport, Medical, Large Retail & a range of other business opportunities. PERFORMANCE BUSINESS SALES - The Accountant's Choice - Experienced Business Brokers specialising in the sale and acquisition of Commercial & Industrial Businesses - Wholesale, Distribution, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Service, Transport, Medical, Large Retail & a range of other business opportunities. PERFORMANCE BUSINESS SALES - The Accountant's Choice - Experienced Business Brokers specialising in the sale and acquisition of Commercial & Industrial Businesses - Wholesale, Distribution, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Service, Transport, Medical, Large Retail & a range of other business opportunities.      |