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$209,498 pa

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South West Regional

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Graham Nankivell



Key Features

  • High net profit = $209,498
  • No staff- no hassles
  • Low risk- minor overheads
  • Essential and consumable products
  • Customers 2000 -strong and growing
  • Growth potential -untapped customers
  • Lifestyle -enviable south west lifestyle

Business to Business

Workshop Industrial Supply

South West Destinations

Predictable Cash Flow
It doesn’t get any better than this…..Easy repetitive set runs with repeat orders

Essential Business to business distribution to South West high growth townships.

There can be no business more SECURE than one that sells relatively low-cost, essential, mostly consumable items to clients who rely on those items to conduct their own businesses.

Added to that is a LOW RISK, a low-cost operating model that doesn’t require premises or staff, and has shown growth in sales with NO Website and No Internet or Social media presence

To top this off the owner enjoys both Lifestyle and Financial freedom as the business is run from his South West home. It is relocatable to any town in the region and could be easily transferred to premises should the new owner prefer an external facility.

The rare mix of stability and flexibility allows the current owner convenient working hours and some 10 weeks of leave per annum




The high repeat customer orders of such items represent a multi-million dollar market in Australia – one in which it is well worth having a share.

No matter what the economic climate, this business can keep on growing as the products will ALWAYS be essential to a variety of businesses making it virtually recession-proof, proven by the fact that, most recently, sales have increased eight per cent over the 2018 financial years results.

The supply of short life products required by clients to conduct their own business, with a need to re-order to operate is supported by an extremely long-established client base. This leads to ongoing PREDICTABLE ordering cycles.
Even better, having no one client representing more than 10 per cent of sales lowers risk even further

This business has built up an impressive client list over its long establishment period with a current database listing as many as 2000 clients

Unlike other high-risk businesses, this business has little reliance on any one customer, making it less susceptible to major downturns arising from the loss of clients.

Limiting risk even further – the business draws customers from an extremely wide area besides its immediate local area.

Driven by a broad spectrum of clients, this business can only continue to grow.



With 30% of sales COD with full payment on delivery, and purchases being on supplier terms some up to 60 days, the business enjoys solid cash flow.

With no rent or staff to pay makes this an extremely low-cost business to operate


Due to the owner’s underutilisation of technology, and his flexible working week the business has been managed on a conservative basis, allowing the new owner many potential areas to further expand the business. Evidence of this is that the business has historically reflected growth with no marketing plan, no large advertising budget, no client database management programmes, and no website or social media

The owner has enjoyed complete flexibility without staff hassles; however, some owners hours could easily be replaced by a staff member should more lifestyle freedom be required. Besides this business can be instantly scaled up so using an addition of a staff member using the existing model may potentially see immediate growth whilst retaining the freedom of lifestyle.


This amount of stock is considered minimal. Most other businesses achieving this turnover will carry much higher values than this, which will demand higher working capital requirements and unnecessary money tied up during the term of ownership. Stock required currently sits at approximately 12% of revenue.


But what makes this business stand head and shoulders above the rest?

  • Essential– short-life products” means predictable monthly repeat orders
  • 10 + weeks leave per annum for the owner allows lifestyle and flexibility
  • NO Rent, home-based with no locked-in rental overheads
  • NO Staff means no hassles
  • No Financial stress with 30% of customers paying COD
  • The closest you’ll ever get to a recession-proof business with consumable items other businesses need to operate no matter what the state of the economy
  • High Net Profit $209,498 for 1 working owner
  • Barriers for new competitors – means unstoppable sales
  • Enviable lifestyle -Can be run from most south-west locations
  • Long Established loyal customers with no one representing more than 10% of revenue means LOW RISK
  • Self-propelled sales – NO high advertising costs with NO website or social media presence leaves huge potential to grow into an untapped client base by simply using technology
  • Low working capital – with no rent or staff operating costs are low compared to other businesses
  • Low stock holding –ensures your money is not tied up unnecessarily



The business has many years of verified accounts which clearly show its profitability. In addition, there is an excellent audit trail to verify sales and purchases with invoices and systems.

The profit of $209,498 per annum is based on the owner working mostly 4 days per week, leaving time to enjoy the pleasures of an enviable South West lifestyle with extended weekends every week!

This profitable business is long established and easy to operate. A rapid increasing sales and profit is likely to be achieved by simply executing a marketing plan and using technology such as a website and social media presence.

This business is a RARE opportunity offering both LIFESTYLE and FINANCIAL freedom, and with so many LOW RISK features it will not last long.


Email NOW by to register your interest, the comprehensive report will be available to approved buyers.

Ref. No GN9761 Broker Graham Nankivell & Tanya Bidwell



Key Features

  • High net profit = $209,498
  • No staff- no hassles
  • Low risk- minor overheads
  • Essential and consumable products
  • Customers 2000 -strong and growing
  • Growth potential -untapped customers
  • Lifestyle -enviable south west lifestyle

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A snapshot of recent successful Business sales include:
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  • SOLD Glass Film Wholesaler - Sold in 3 weeks - $2,130,000
  • SOLD Automotive S/W - Two full price offers presented in 3 Days - $720,000
  • SOLD Automotive Industries - Sold in 2 weeks with no advertising - $2,450,000
  • SOLD Food Wholesaler - Sold in under a week - Full price offer - $2,950,000
  • SOLD Coffee Import Wholesaler: Sold in 3 weeks - full price offer - $2,350,000

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