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Glen Michaelides

Under Offer

Under Offer

Key Features

  • Under semi management
  • Massive client base diversity & forward orders
  • Long-serving, highly competent team
  • Nearly 30 years of trusted momentum
  • The go-to trusted industry supplier
  • Low-risk key client retention features
  • Essential high-demand, low-competition niche


With over 35 years of absolute commitment to quality, reliability and all-in customer service, this company can sit proudly within the heavy-duty road transport industry, drawing on decades of high-quality results and unprecedented momentum in a massive marketplace that can’t get enough of its services, willingness to assist and expertise in the maintenance of fleets whether small or large.

Critical Points to Understand:

This Heavy-Duty Road Transport maintenance and repair business has the team, the experience, the equipment, and the know-how to tackle any job, from minor servicing to major repairs and everything else in between, on all types of road transport vehicles.

This successful, profitable, highly in-demand business dominates both in-house and out in the field, perfectly positioned to take advantage of an ever-expanding marketplace and sustain continuing growth and expansion for decades and beyond.

  • Under Semi Management
  • Powerfully Independent
  • Continuous repeat clients and WIP.
  • Massive client base diversity
  • Long-serving, highly competent team
  • High level of Management Reporting and Understanding
  • Nearly 30 years of trusted momentum
  • The go-to trusted industry supplier
  • Low-Risk Key client retention features
  • Essential high-demand, low-competition niche


This Fully Loaded business is highly equipped to perform extensive servicing for heavy-duty road transport, including servicing, maintenance, repairs, wheel aligning and breakdowns, to name a few.

Long-serving, highly skilled and engaged staff, with pride in their workmanship, take responsibility for delivering a quality service to ensure complete customer satisfaction with fast and efficient turnaround times.

The business practically runs itself, headed up by the General Manager and a well-structured capable team who follow documented and measured company procedures and KPIs.

The owners are left free to work on business operations at a higher level because they are not required in the day-to-day operations.

Other companies in this space don’t have the flexibility to be able to make changes to meet client’s requirements, flexibility and knowledge to work on all vehicles from prime movers through to trailing equipment, industry-leading technology in wheel alignment, and management systems which allow decisions to be made in real-time.


This is a cornerstone business that’s thrived through economic ups and downs, servicing a loyal base of customers Australia-wide in an extensive range of industries, including Transport, Food, Government Construction and Agriculture Industries, all of which essentially need the services of this company regardless of the economy.

That alone would guarantee continued revenues and profits for the long term.

Hence, it’s no wonder its highly diversified and loyal clients return time and time with the very high level of quality and service they receive.

This company understands their client’s needs and builds trusted relationships to ensure their clients have minimum downtime of their vehicles and potential loss of earnings.

With minimal sales or marketing effort, the turnover has continued to grow month after month, year after year, and decade after decade.

Clients “continue to come back time after time because their requirements are met” without extensive marketing plans, a cumbersome sales force, or large advertising budgets.

The business has completed tens of thousands of jobs in the previous 20-plus years through reputation and building relationships with clients. “Says the owner.”

The seller believes a good business operator can quickly expand and increase revenue and cash flow by adding simple sales prospecting.

Diversity of Customer Opportunity:

The total client list is around 550 repeat order clients, representing approximately 75% of total annual sales, meaning most keep coming back repeatedly. Add Low Risk of no “customer concentration” problems, meaning a safety net with no one customer exceeding 8% of gross sales averaged over the last three years.

The convenience of having a “one-stop shop” for their busy clients means they can get all their mechanical servicing and maintenance carried out under one roof and enable them to be back on the road, where they belong.

Customers know that their livelihood is in safe hands because repairs and maintenance will be carried out right and as per their request. This is proven in the continuous working relationships with its customers, which maintain a forward booking and constant work in progress.

A steady stream of consistent, high-quality workflow throughout the business and built-in excess capacity gives great confidence to a new owner from day one.


The highest quality work standards can be achieved through the 28 experienced cross-trained and trade-qualified employees covering all aspects of the business, including an experienced General Manager, department supervisors and on-the-ground experienced and trained technicians. Technicians are continuously developing in line with new technology and systems. The business is committed to the continuous training of apprentices, which has proven to be very successful by maintaining a stable workforce.

In short, the workers are part of a great culture, are paid above-award wages and love what they do, and it’s proven that they want to stay, some for over twenty years and counting.

Low Hours Part Time Owners:

The founder has been working on a well-planned exit strategy for the last four years, ensuring the business will survive without him and thrive, as proven by the increased revenue and performance despite him only working minimal hours per week.

This is attributed to well-documented systems and KPIs covering all aspects of the business, giving clear and concise optics. This allows the founder and the second owner to oversee and make concise and informative decisions.

The second owner works at the business premises and oversees and liaises with the General Manager while working on continuous business development.

 This is a Profitable, Successful Business with tremendous upside potential.

We have prepared a full-colour Business Report to share this rare opportunity with you, explaining everything about this business in complete detail.

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Key Features

  • Under semi management
  • Massive client base diversity & forward orders
  • Long-serving, highly competent team
  • Nearly 30 years of trusted momentum
  • The go-to trusted industry supplier
  • Low-risk key client retention features
  • Essential high-demand, low-competition niche

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