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$316,045 pa

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Perth Metro East

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Glen Michaelides



Key Features

  • Systematised streamlined, fully integrated
  • Well diversified
  • High-profit margins
  • Automated reliable revenue streams
  • No salesforce
  • Essential recession-proof products
  • Highly scalable with only one person


This thriving, unique and longstanding turnkey wholesale business is equity boosted by diverse revenues, comprehensive products, HIGH-PROFIT margins and the added benefit of being easy to run with a flexible lifestyle.

It ticks all the boxes!

Trusted automated and value-enhanced customer reputation is at the centre of this well-diversified Medical Supplies Business for Sale, a highly sought-after streamlined and expandable machine.

Long-Term trusted Medical Supplies partners and a wide range of quality products further leverage and enhance the proven strength and longevity behind a ten-plus-year heritage.

Real Growth Opportunities:

  • Systemised streamlined, fully integrated
  • Proven growth track record
  • Well diversified
  • High-Profit Margins
  • Strong supply chains
  • Automated reliable revenue streams
  • No salesforce
  • Highly scalable with only one person
  • Essential recession-proof products
  • A high percentage of repeat client orders

The business is booming and enjoying continuing growth:

  • Without the need for a fixed office
  • Without any cold calling
  • Without a dedicated sales representative
  • Without the need for any additional employees

Its streamlined, automated system is at the heart of the success of this Medical Supplies Business for Sale, along with quality products, diversified repeat order clientele and an in-demand essential industry with a high-growth sector.

Definitive Investment Appeal

The current owner is just scratching the surface locally and nationally with exclusive trademarks in Australia on key essential products with increasingly strong demand and low risk spread across a wide range of over 1000 clients in the database in diversified businesses, industries, and locations.

Meaning there are endless future lucrative opportunities to unlock maximum tangible value.

It would be plausible to expect that to be the case because of the barriers for newcomers to enter the market. The search for new clients could geometrically expand the business within 2-3 years by actively adding new clients.

Expand Your Freedom

Work as required to suit your lifestyle, easily take extended holidays or work from any location.

The current owner can easily handle the workload because it is backed by a streamlined client ordering and marketing system.

This system could be further leveraged and expanded without needing more than one person to run it.

Wholesale Is Just Better

Easy to run with low complexity and clunk due to the automated ordering process and sales systems coupled with meagre human resources required means the business can run effectively with just one owner.

An automated 3rd party logistics warehouse means there is no need to handle pick packs, manage or deliver stock. As a result, the essential service products have a practically evergreen value with almost no damage or shrinkage.

Unique Products, Low Competition

This business’s well-diversified clients always look for a high-quality, unique, cost-effective one. So stop shop from delivering on their high demand, and this Medical Supplies Business exceeds their expectations in 7 ways:

  1. Its innovatively different
  2. High quality
  3. Great value
  4. Highly trusted reputation
  5. Competitively priced
  6. An exceptional customer service system means the opportunities always outweigh the competition.
  7. Almost No direct Sales and automated Marketing

Sales are now self-propelled despite little to no direct sales activities. 

Diversity of customers, service heritage, turnkey systems and a cookie-cutter process add to a confident client base that keeps ordering from the comprehensive product lineup.

Strategically aimed at the essential professional market means good margins, consistent demand, and growth opportunities regardless of disruptions in one part of the economy.

New Owner Skills

Streamlined sales and ordering systems coupled with sound business practices and processes mean a new owner needs to follow the guidelines from a comprehensive step-by-step handover from the current owner as provided with the sale of this business.

The new owner will not need to have any industry knowledge apart from their inherent skills in customer service and business running.

  • Diversified client base
  • High-profit margins
  • Unique products
  • Fully systemised
  • No employees required

It’s a unique, time-tested profit machine, and you’ll be convinced when you read our full-colour detailed business report.

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Please note: the sale of this business is highly confidential. As a result – no phone information will be handed out. All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving identifying information or a copy of the business report.

Only registered Buyers will have first preference for this outstanding business.



Key Features

  • Systematised streamlined, fully integrated
  • Well diversified
  • High-profit margins
  • Automated reliable revenue streams
  • No salesforce
  • Essential recession-proof products
  • Highly scalable with only one person

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