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$247,167 pa

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South West Regional

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Graham Nankivell



Key Features

  • ease of operation
  • growth prospects for the future
  • profit – hard to beat 75% gross profit margin
  • products – most are essential and required by law
  • …best customer reach – no restrictive boundaries
  • potential to double/triple profit
  • staffing model - only 2 full-time employees







(2 to 3 hours from Perth)



There can be no better situation for a business to be in than a manufacturer and supplier of products which clients simply must have – even better, most are required by law!


That’s partly a testament to the fact that this is a worry-free business that’s got the success formula right – it has many can’t-do-without  products which are targeted to niche markets – and partly due to the nature of the market itself. The South-West is expected to experience automatic ongoing growth which is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future and with the business’s customer base being wide and variable makes it even more diverse and secure.




...BEST Ease of Operation

...BEST Growth Prospects For The Future

...BEST Profit – Hard To Beat 75% Gross Profit Margin

...BEST Products – Most Are Essential and required by law

…BEST customer reach – no restrictive boundaries means potential to double/triple profit

...BEST place to live and profit - It's hard to imagine a better business lifestyle

...BEST Business - You’ll Be Convinced When You Read Our 100 Page Report


There would be few if any businesses that could offer a Buyer the security of such a large forward order ledger. The business has an extensive forward order ledger which will be transferred to the Buyer on Settlement date. There are also a large number of quotes (awaiting approval) to the value of around $900,000 that have been entered into the new system, with many more legacy quotes from the old system that may also come on stream. There are a further 22 draft quotes in the system to be done, with new quotes being requested each day.

It has an extremely impressive, modern, fully equipped premises incorporating a showroom and display area, offices and well set out organised fabrication workshop. This is located on a main thoroughfare to the local industrial area with prominent businesses to each side. This comes with a relatively low cost monthly rent with a 3+3+3 year lease with plenty of room to double existing turnover.

Unlike the vast majority of businesses offered for sale, the majority (70%) of its 180 (approx.) customers are considered repeat.  It has little reliance on any one customer making this a standout business for buyers looking for low risk.


What’s more remarkable, this business has achieved this level of sales and growth without a sales force or large advertising budget. In fact, the profit and loss accounts reflect advertising is less than two percent of sales. An extensive website showcases previous work on award-winning completed products together with five-star reviews.

Local in-house production in the Southwest means the company also has a huge competitive edge against Perth-based businesses, as distance to the region prevents them manufacturing products in the time frames required by local customers.

As all products are manufactured in-house, the business is not reliant on outside contractors for this aspect of its operations, effectively giving the business full control and the ability to value-add, meaning improved lead times while also having greater flexibility to cater to a client’s specific requirements.


What separates this business from its local competitors is its capacity to undertake major projects, due to a flexible workforce, and its recently acquired state-of-the-art computerised software. The new cloud-based quoting, job creation and scheduling system, which integrates with Xero, means that each team member is working to optimum capacity and all job information is available on their smartphone. Someone with no previous knowledge of the industry can learn it quickly and means the business can be run from anywhere remotely.

Expansion opportunities for this business are unrivalled and diverse. The fact that the business has won orders as far away as Augusta to the south and the Perth metropolitan area proves the business has no boundaries in expanding its works, revenues and thus profits.


Perhaps the greatest expansion potential, however, is in the area currently served. Massive automatic growth is expected in what is already one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia. A recent report on population and housing in the Southwest of WA showed an aspirational population target of 500,000 people by 2050, more than double the “WA Tomorrow” forecast of 230,000 by 2026. With this target, there is a need to provide around 150,000 extra dwellings in the region, placing this business in the ideal position to profit from the population explosion.

This is an industry that seems to know no bounds. It is also one that by virtue of its diversity is difficult to define. At first it too seems difficult to define and to grasp its diversity and potential. It requires deliberate investigation which will no doubt impress the most fastidious buyer.


The target market covers a large demographic with most clients based in the Southwest Coastal area between Bunbury and Augusta, and as a result, it has amassed a 180, loyal client base which generates an exceptional 70 percent repeat order flow since its 13 year established period.

Close to a monopoly, this is also the only local business of its kind in the town with the ability and capacity to take on large commercial orders, and in the past has been successful in fulfilling orders for the Perth Domestic airport expansion. Having many reputable previous orders to reference gives this business a strong advantage in securing larger commercial orders, showing it has a proven track record and the capability of delivering products on time and on budget.


Its ultra-modern premises give the company room for expansion in its manufacturing capacity to comfortably increase production output capacity by some 200 percent, which would also allow for increasing its field staff by a similar amount with minimal capital outlay.


With its future driven by the South West’s growth and industries it serves, the business is virtually assured of continued growth in revenue and profits with minimal advertising.


The business is highly successful because it supplies essential security products and has established a reputation for reliability and diversity under one roof in the fast-growing south-west region of the state.


The business’s comparatively low overheads also make it difficult for competitors to win business on price alone.



Employing just two full-time staff and casuals when required – allows the wages bill to scale up and down with demand – this is a business which is easily learned (especially given the vendor is offering an extensive post-settlement handover period) and easily managed.


All staff, including regular casuals, are cross-trained. Some have been with the company for 10 years and all have many years of experience in the field. The owner’s duties involve only administrative, financial and overseeing which currently occupy approximately 35 to 45 hours per week.


This Will Be Extremely Hard To Beat…

…and no doubt be a business you’ll keep forever!!

A genuine serious medical condition forces the sales of the superb manufacturing business.


SO, THERE YOU HAVE IT! – A business that will not only offer you extremely low risk with its essential products required by law but is unique in having low competition topped off with locked in bonus forward orders for the new buyer to take advantage of.


Note – the business report is close to being finalised, so it is important to register your interest to avoid disappointment. Be the first to get our 100-page business profile puts you in pole position to get rid of your money worries once and for all!



Key Features

  • ease of operation
  • growth prospects for the future
  • profit – hard to beat 75% gross profit margin
  • products – most are essential and required by law
  • …best customer reach – no restrictive boundaries
  • potential to double/triple profit
  • staffing model - only 2 full-time employees

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A snapshot of recent successful Business sales include:
  • SOLD Plasma Metal Cutting - Sold in 3 weeks - $4,250,000
  • SOLD Glass Film Wholesaler - Sold in 3 weeks - $2,130,000
  • SOLD Automotive S/W - Two full price offers presented in 3 Days - $720,000
  • SOLD Automotive Industries - Sold in 2 weeks with no advertising - $2,450,000
  • SOLD Food Wholesaler - Sold in under a week - Full price offer - $2,950,000
  • SOLD Coffee Import Wholesaler: Sold in 3 weeks - full price offer - $2,350,000

This Will Be Extremely Hard To Beat meaning; "this is a business you'll keep forever!"

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