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$836,415 pa

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Perth Metro North

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Graham Nankivell



Key Features

  • Locked-in automatic growth
  • Historical average growth = 25% (6-year average)
  • Low risk - intellectual property
  • Export potential.
  • Low working capital
  • Fast-paying debtors – 44.5% pay cod/14 days
  • Exclusive products - customer lock-in feature.

Intelligent, Automated, Machine Process MANUFACTURING & WHOLESALING




Recession Proof



Intelligent, Automated, Machine Process









ASK YOURSELF THIS: What's the one thing a buyer wants when buying a business?

YOU'RE RIGHT!Absolute proof that it's been immune from past economic downturns and that its sales will continue to increase after you've bought it. Every Buyer wants demonstrated low risk, predictable year-on-year profit growth, ease of operation, and customer retention regardless of the economic climate.




EXPECT ::: Ongoing Historical Growth

Overcomes Economic Challenges with Resilience

The Business’s remarkable and unrelenting close-to-perfect sales and profit growth trajectory is rare, particularly given the challenging economic conditions it has defied, including the 2019/20 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic.

EXPECT ::: An Automated Step-By-Step Process

The old phrase “Keep It Simple” is often used to describe successful businesses. If simplicity is the key you seek in a business opportunity, then” you’ll find no other company comes close to this.

The Business also takes pride in its reliable and technologically advanced operations, made possible by state-of-the-art semi-automatic equipment. With automated push button machinery, the Business can achieve continuous production and conveyor line packaging driven by easy distribution processes, thereby minimising errors and streamlining its operations to accommodate the organic production output growth.

Below is a condensed version of its easy 4-Step, Semi-Production Line Process:

Step 1. Add raw product into the automatic machine.

Step 2. Initiate Machine automation cycle.

Step 3. Engage the conveyer line packaging machine cycle.

Step 4. Despatch products for delivery to customers.

Additionally, the well-documented production processes have enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on year-on-year sales growth self-propelled by one of the most consumed products globally.

EXPECT ::: Easy To Learn Documented Systems

The Business has a clear point of difference from the majority of its competitors in that its daily operations are guided by systems that meet government standards, making it a safe and secure investment for risk-averse buyers. In addition, the Business’s established systems and procedures provide a clear, consistent framework that facilitates smooth and streamlined workflows, minimising potential errors or inconsistency in its manufactured products. Moreover, the documented procedures make it easy for a new owner to learn and understand how the Business operates quickly. They also provide a foundation for ongoing staff training and development, enabling the company to continue running smoothly as it grows and brings new team members on board.


EXPECT ::: CUSTOMER Loyalty Like No Other Business

For over a decade, it’s no secret this Business has been consistently breaking sales and profit records. Its success stems from being locked onto one of the largest high-growth industries in the world, offering high-demand products and having a long-established, diversified loyal customer base where a large percentage of its clients consistently place repeat orders every week.

Undoubtedly, this Business’s remarkable customer retention record confirms its low-risk nature. With over 14 years of sales growth perfection, the company has gained the trust of over 1,000 satisfied customers by offering an extensive range of high-quality, pre-packaged, branded products. But, more importantly, the company’s dedication to protecting its products through intellectual property rights has created a deep sense of reliance and satisfaction among its valued clientele.


EXPECT ::: Strengthening Market Positioning

With sales approaching $3 million, this Business boasts high-growth products distributed across numerous market sectors. It demonstrates a rare cross-sector diversification, acting as robust insurance in the sales growth cycle, as sectors never move in unison. When combined with proven historical sales evidence, there is ample proof that its self-propelled sales will persistently flourish under adverse economic conditions, as it has successfully done for over a decade!


EXPECT ::: Exclusive Products

The exclusive Business has never been so inclusive….

… the driving force behind its loyal customer base is its exclusive personalised products that are distinctively different to others in the marketplace. Consequently, as products form part of this Business’s intellectual property, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replicate, making it challenging for competitors to offer the same product.


EXPECT ::: A Lifestyle Enhanced Profit Generator

There’d be few businesses on the market that net $846,000 per annum yet require their owner to work an average of only 30 hours per week.


EXPECT ::: A Lean Staffing Model

The Business has a low staffing model, with only three full-time employees and backup casual staff as required. This reduces payroll, increases profitability, and eliminates staff hassles, making the Business easy to manage. This achievement is outstanding, as few companies could generate a profit of $836,415 with such a small team.


EXPECT ::: Low Advertising And NO On-road Sales Force

The Business simply operates on a daily cycle of receiving orders, production, and dispatch, with most clients communicating their orders via telephone, email, or by visiting the premises on a daily basis. As a result, the Business has not required an on-road sales force or a large advertising budget to maintain its average 25% sales increase over the past six years. However, the owners acknowledge that if they had employed a dedicated salesperson or implemented a marketing plan, it would be reasonable to expect the 2022 net profit of $836,425 would have been substantially higher.


EXPECT::: No Stress – NO Hassle

Enjoying the benefits of cross-trained staff and a multi-billion dollar high-growth industry, where non-stop weekly repeat orders pour in daily from a loyal diversified customer base, virtually guarantees a stress-free business environment with predictable growth in self-propelled sales and profits.


EXPECT ::: An Easy To Learn System – NO industry experience required

The fact that the current owners had no industry experience before they purchased the Business proves it’s easy to learn. Furthermore, the Business’s daily operations are guided by cross-trained staff and accredited systems, making it a reliable and compliant company. Overall, its documented procedures make the Business an attractive opportunity for risk-averse buyers looking for an accessible, easy-to-learn, and secure investment. As the entire process can be quickly learnt, the present owners suggest that only a small amount of hand-over training would be required and are willing to co-operate with whatever is necessary.


EXPECT ::: Low Overheads and a High Gross Profit Margin Of 55%

This Business enjoys the benefit of low fixed overhead costs and an exceptionally high gross profit margin compared to most other businesses. With such high margins and low running costs, a significant percentage of its continued annual sales growth flows directly to the bottom-line profit, thereby increasing its financial performance.


EXPECT ::: An Immediate Potential to Expand the Business Operations

The current owner opts for conservative management of the Business, which creates numerous immediate opportunities for the new owner to expand sales and profit at faster rates. Our fully documented business report thoroughly explains the lucrative opportunities at hand.


EXPECT ::: Operational Flexibility – Under semi-Management

The new owner has various options for operating the Business moving forward. They can choose to manage the company like the current owner, overseeing it part-time and working an average of 30 hours per week as a single owner-manager. Alternatively, the Business can still generate a substantial cash surplus after paying a full-time manager’s wage, allowing for a completely hands-off approach if desired.


EXPECT ::: Low Working Capital

This Business stands out from most other wholesalers and manufacturers in that the owner does not need to invest substantial money over and above the asking price to maintain high working capital levels. With approximately 44.5% of debtors paying COD or within 14 days, the Business enjoys excellent cash flow, minimising the need for significant working capital.


EXPECT ::: Complete control over the supply chain

Unlike wholesale businesses, the owner is fortunate to have complete command of the entire supply chain, a rare low-risk feature not often found in most other companies. With this control, the owner can manage the sourcing of raw materials from Eastern Seaboard suppliers through to the final manufactured product, allowing for quality control and the ability to customise or introduce new exclusive products to expand sales and profits without external interference from third parties.


EXPECT ::: Modern Premises In Perth Metro Location

The facility has a slick and modern design, a perfect location, and an outstanding landscaped street presence. Inside, it accommodates an opulent cash-and-carry division and a meticulously organised manufacturing division featuring its cutting-edge automated machinery for efficient high-volume production.


SUMMING UP! ::: Why would someone choose to sell a business as exceptional as this?

The present owner is well aware that the Business has already entered its next growth phase, with year-to-date sales racing 19% ahead of last year. They also understand that by waiting until the end of this financial year in about a month’s time, a likely higher profit will increase the asking price for the Business. However, the owners have now reached the age where they would like to transition into retirement and focus on family and grandchildren.

Despite managing the Business conservatively, it has continued to grow through some of the most turbulent times the Australian economy has experienced, proving beyond doubt that this is a recession-proof business. After you read our 120-page report, you’ll quickly realise the Business has hardly scratched the surface, leaving the new owner with a vast number of possibilities for future expansion. However, the problem for the new owner is not so much to locate avenues for growth but to select the ones of greatest advantage from the many available, including lucrative export expansion.

Don’t Be Fooled Into Buying A Risky Cheap Business!

Every Business has its strengths and weaknesses, directly impacting it’s asking price. The difference between a successful and regrettable purchase can have significant financial gains or implications.

Buying a business with higher profit levels, low owner hours and low-risk attributes will inevitably come at a slightly higher cost. However, it offers the Buyer enhanced security, ease of operation, potential for continuous profit growth and higher capital gains when the time comes to sell the Business in the future. On the other hand, purchasing an inferior business is akin to gambling, with the potential disaster of losing the entire investment.

A Business Than Can Buy Itself

It’s important to remember that a business with low risk, locked-in growth and exceptional financial stability has the potential to purchase itself. This demonstrates its strength and self-sufficiency. All the Buyer has to do is provide the necessary bank-approved security collateral to be approved for full-price funding. In this Business’s case, it can generate a substantial cash surplus, even after servicing full-price loan repayments and a full-time manager’s salary for an owner who wants a hands-off approach.

After you obtain and read the highly detailed report on this remarkable business investment, you will have no doubts this Business is a once-off opportunity – never to be seen again.

Next Step

Please note: the sale of this Business is highly confidential, and as a result – no phone information will be handed out. All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving the business report or identifying information.

Please register your interest now by clicking on the “email me” link at the top right-hand corner or the bottom of the screen, and we will notify you when our 120-page, highly detailed report has been completed.

Key Features

  • Locked-in automatic growth
  • Historical average growth = 25% (6-year average)
  • Low risk - intellectual property
  • Export potential.
  • Low working capital
  • Fast-paying debtors – 44.5% pay cod/14 days
  • Exclusive products - customer lock-in feature.

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