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$1,645,522 pa

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South West Regional

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Graham Nankivell



Key Features

  • Management team in place.
  • Loves recessions
  • Lightning-fast 138% sales growth
  • Contracted customers
  • Same owner for nearly 40 years
  • 50% of clients pay in 7-days
  • Restricted competition







Full Throttle - Sales Growth…

5-Year Sales Stampede:

  • ANNUAL SALES 2019 = $5,417,891
  • ANNUAL SALES 2020 = $5,869,992
  • ANNUAL SALES 2021 = $6,928,645
  • ANNUAL SALES 2022 = $7,799,221
  • ANNUAL SALES 2023 = $8,584,463


Repeat Order – High Growth Demand!


The Harder the Economic Conditions > THE FASTER IT GROWS!

This remarkable enterprise has demonstrated unwavering resilience, consistently expanding its sales at an astonishing pace.

Despite facing challenges such as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), multiple economic downturns, recessions, wars, changes in Governments, and even WA's hard border lockdown during Covid-19, this Business has not only weathered turbulent economic storms but thrived, experiencing impeccable growth in both sales and profits.


…No matter what technological changes may affect the buying and selling of essential everyday products, one constant remains…

…they need to be moved from one place to another.

No amount of technology – short of a Star Trek transporter to “beam” things from place to place – will overtake the transport industry. With this in mind, it’s no wonder logistics businesses are considered one of the most secure, sought-after sectors to invest in – Especially in uncertain times!


Rare Low-Risk Key Features  – That Will Be Hard To Match

  • Genuine Reason Forces Sale – Owner Has Now Reached Retirement Age.
  • Automatic Growth – Only $6,000 Advertising to Generate Sales of $8.5 Million
  • Rapid Debtor Collections – 50% of Clients Pay Accounts Within 7 Days.
  • Management Team In Place – This Means No Industry Experience Is Required
  • Essential Service Business – Rock-Solid Financial Stability in Volatile Market Conditions
  • Low Full-Time Staff – Makes Running the Business Easy
  • High Asset Price Mix – Low Risk – Equipment Valued At $1,959,000 = Low Risk & Tax Advantages
  • Lightning-Fast Proven Profit Growth – Up 138% Over the Past 5-Years
  • Contracted Customers – Provides Next-Level Security Not Found In Other Businesses
  • Long Established – Same Owner for Nearly 4-Decades Since Its Establishment
  • Huge Cash Surplus – After Paying Full Price P&I Loan Payments And a Manager’s Salary
  • Recession-Proof Product Deliveries – Makes It Easy to Predict Future Sales Growth
  • Immaculate Modern Fleet of Over 70 Vehicles –  Tangible Equipment = Low Risk
  • Documented Procedures – Easy to Learn and Manage – No Industry Experience Necessary
  • Predictable Future Sales – Customer Government Retention Contracts & Multi Automatic Growth Industries.


A Highly Reliable And Coveted Business

As a new owner, you will enjoy the benefits of this Business’s comprehensive daily set delivery run cycles, which are built on secure agreements, long-established strategic customer connections, and optimised logistics.

In addition, with its state-of-the-art tracking systems, large modern fleet of over 70 modern vehicles, and dedicated divisional supervisors/managers, you can expect to achieve maximum reliable returns on your investment and experience unmatched growth potential that most other businesses can only dream of.


Future Growth Is Upbeat!

The allure of addictive internet shopping lies in the seamless experience it offers. From the comfort of a business desk or private residence or wherever they may be, shoppers can explore a vast array of products, compare prices, read reviews, and make informed purchasing decisions. The convenience of doorstep delivery further enhances the Business’s appeal, saving customers time and effort.

With just a few clicks on their devices, they can select products and have their purchases arrive at their doorstep in a timely manner.

The continuing surge in online purchases translates into a consistent flow of parcels that must be delivered promptly and securely regardless of economic conditions. This steady stream of daily transactions provides this Business with a reliable and predictable sales springboard, reducing the risk associated with market fluctuations.


Set-Run Daily Deliveries – No Matter Rain, Hail, Or Shine

The delivery of freight is an essential service and has been proven to grow, regardless of external economic or other factors.

This Business has a highly systemised headquarters that allows freight to be organised and despatched to its broad spectrum of daily customers, who depend heavily on products being delivered on time.

Based on historical data and creditable Government forecasts for future population growth, this Business is perfectly positioned to increase profits by expanding to a much broader demographic not yet tapped into. And, because it delivers such a broad mix of growing high-demand essential products, it would be reasonable to expect future sales for this company will continue to expand in parallel with the automatic expansion of its customers and population growth.

Without exception, numerous recession-proof, essential business sectors heavily rely on this company to deliver products on a daily and weekly basis which include:

Mandatory Repeat Deliveries – Locked Onto Essential High-Growth Markets:

  • PHARMACIES – medical supplies
  • AGED CARE – medical supplies
  • HOSPITALS – medical supplies
  • INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES – a large mix of parts and consumable products
  • AUTOMOTIVE – Spare Parts
  • EDUCATION – School exam papers and education products
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLIERS – a large range of products
  • APPLIANCE STORES – small appliances
  • PRIVATE RESIDENCES – a large variable range of products
  • …..And many more


 A Virtual Monopoly – Makes It Hard To Go Wrong!



Many other major transport companies eagerly choose to outsource their deliveries to this company due to its specialised and wide-reaching delivery service, which offers a cost-effective alternative to handling the deliveries themselves. This Business outclasses rivals with its meticulously planned express set-run daily deliveries along predetermined routes, efficiently carrying freight for multiple clients on each run.

Consequently, this Business holds a ROBUST competitive price advantage by successfully minimising overhead costs spread across various customer deliveries involved in undertaking the vast number of set-run daily delivery cycles. Lacking the benefit of multiple customer deliveries for each run, and fleet size, competitors will always be at a disadvantage in terms of both pricing and meeting the critical delivery times expected by customers.

Moreover, competitors would be burdened with the enormous expense of acquiring a fleet of over 70 vehicles and establishing numerous warehousing facilities to compete with this business.

Justifying such an exorbitant investment to match the capabilities of this Business while facing the bleak prospect of convincing customers that a new, unproven business could provide a reliable delivery service and generate profit would be seen as an unsuccessful undertaking with a high chance of failure.

The undeniable reality that other transport companies use and rely on the services of this business serves as the most compelling proof of the prohibitive costs that would confront potential competitors.

Highly Systemised With Department Supervisors

With a full-time manager, the Business could operate autonomously, allowing the owner to oversee the overall business operations.

The current management team and supervisors play pivotal roles in the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations.

As mentioned earlier, the Business boasts a high level of systemisation, with designated set-run areas for drivers that are repetitive, making it exceptionally easy to manage.

Furthermore, all office staff are well-trained in efficiently handling incoming calls and addressing customer inquiries. This ensures seamless communication and excellent customer service.

Less Tax = More Profit

This business boasts a substantial asset mix included in the asking price, presenting a remarkable advantage. The high value of plant and equipment allows the new owner to take advantage of significant tax benefits. By legally depreciating a substantial portion of the asking price (Approx. $1,959,000), the owner can potentially reduce their taxable income and minimise their tax liability. This translates into substantial cost savings and enhanced financial performance for the business. Moreover, it offers greater flexibility in managing cash flow and allocating tax savings towards expanding the business into new opportunities.

No Reliance On Sales Staff To Generate Sales

This business enjoys an enviable position where the majority of sales are self-propelled, eliminating the need to employ an on-road sales force. However, it is worth considering that hiring a sales representative can further enhance demand and accelerate profit growth.

Based on this opportunity, the new Owner should seriously contemplate this cost-effective option to maximise profits. By employing a sales representative, the business has the opportunity to generate new leads and significantly boost revenue by proactively approaching new customers.


You’re Just In Time For The Next Growth Phase!


THE FUTURE LOOKS UPBEAT – With WA’s increasing population and the growing influx of online shoppers, this Business’s profit has been shielded against economic downturns. For example, during the Covid19 epidemic, sales continued to grow despite state-wide lockdowns and closed borders. It’s also evident, Covid19 changed the way we shop, and new habits that were formed over the pandemic are now firmly ingrained forever.

Moreover, the Business has recently increased prices and secured new contracts, which sales and profits are not fully accounted for in the current 12-month profit and loss accounts. As a result, the new owner can sleep easy, knowing that the Business has generated additional built-in profit and goodwill NOT accounted for in the asking price ROI.


Synchronised, Repetitive Customer Delivery Runs


The business benefits from a large volume of daily deliveries that ensures a consistent and predictable income stream.

Moreover, the market for parcel delivery services has exhibited remarkable stability and consistent growth throughout turbulent economic times, making this an investment like no other. This can be attributed to the ongoing expansion of online shopping platforms, new customers and the steady growth in population.

With an increasing number of businesses and individuals embracing online shopping, the demand for efficient and reliable parcel delivery services continues to soar. This trend creates a favourable environment for sustained growth in the industry. The stability of the market further mitigates the risks associated with market fluctuations, establishing a solid foundation for the ongoing expansion of this business.


Low Overhead Costs

Compared to other types of businesses, this Business has relatively lower overhead costs. This is due to the streamlined nature of their efficient DAILY set delivery route optimisation and the use of technology to automate certain processes.

In addition, lower overhead costs contribute to higher profit margins and reduce the financial risk for buyers.


Profit Has No Chance To Exhale…

  • NET PROFIT 2019 = $598.356
  • NET PROFIT 2020 = $832.439
  • NET PROFIT 2021 = $1,037,222
  • NET PROFIT 2022 = $1,278,882
  • NET PROFIT 2023 = $1,645,522


The Ultimate – Self-Funding Business Investment

As If It Couldn’t Get Any Better!…

Imagine a business that offers a low-risk opportunity and a robust capacity to finance the total asking price, with the buyer providing bank-approved collateral security.

For example, considering an under-management net profit of $1,645,522, a 10-year principal and interest loan pay-back term, an asking price of $6,000,000, and an interest rate of 7%, the Business has the potential to generate a pre-tax cash surplus of $ $809,540 per annum.

Yes! – that’s right, this surplus remains intact even after accounting for the full-time manager’s salary and full-price loan repayments.

Upon closer examination of this self-funded investment strategy, a compelling picture emerges. Not only has the Business consistently generated substantial annual cash surpluses from its net profit, but it has also effectively financed its own purchase by servicing the full-price loan repayments from its net profit. Remarkably, as the Business continues its trajectory of success, a valuable asset is steadily accruing, creating the potential for a higher selling price in the future.

This has to be the ultimate self-funded, positively geared investment opportunity!

Note: it is important to note that the above example does not reflect individual owners’ requirements, such as working capital, personal taxation payments, owners’ drawings, movement in interest rates, etc., and other personal expenses that may change the expected cash surplus. Accordingly, there is no representation, warranty, or any other assurance that any of the variables, approvals, assumptions, or forecasts mentioned above will be realised. As a result, we strongly recommend that each buyer contacts their accountant, legal advisor, and lending institution to satisfy themselves with the expected cash surplus return and the opportunity to qualify for the necessary loan approvals.

Be Impressed!

Our highly detailed 120-page business report on this outstanding business will provide evidence that this Business is a low-risk, recession-proof opportunity with immense potential for future expansion.

Please note that the sale of this Business is highly confidential, and, therefore, the owner has explicitly requested that no phone information be shared until a confidentiality agreement has been signed.

Register your interest now by clicking on the “email me” link at the top right-hand corner of the screen.





Key Features

  • Management team in place.
  • Loves recessions
  • Lightning-fast 138% sales growth
  • Contracted customers
  • Same owner for nearly 40 years
  • 50% of clients pay in 7-days
  • Restricted competition

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A snapshot of recent successful Business sales include:
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  • SOLD Glass Film Wholesaler - Sold in 3 weeks - $2,130,000
  • SOLD Automotive S/W - Two full price offers presented in 3 Days - $720,000
  • SOLD Automotive Industries - Sold in 2 weeks with no advertising - $2,450,000
  • SOLD Food Wholesaler - Sold in under a week - Full price offer - $2,950,000
  • SOLD Coffee Import Wholesaler: Sold in 3 weeks - full price offer - $2,350,000


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