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Graham Nankivell

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South West Businesses

Key Features

  • Easy to run
  • Proven long history -12 years +
  • Excellent lease security
  • Forward orders locked in
  • Excellent cash flow with deposits paid
  • Low stock holding
  • Little advertising

Proven Longevity -Wealth Creator that is proven to be always in demand.

Booming – and there is no end in sight – watch your profits soar!

Isn't it Time for YOU to enjoy the fruits of someone else's labour?

After over 12 two years of successful trading, every facet of this business has been simplified and streamlined for the efficiency of making more money more easily.

Just consider this.....with products that are present to some extent in just about every home and habitable building, this business finds itself in an enviable position as the southwest population boom continues apace and demand for new homes and renovations has never been stronger.

Making this even lower risk is the benefit of dual revenue streams with two businesses in one across its diverse range of clients, with around 30% of its 900-strong database considered repeat.

It doesn't get any better than this, does it?

YES, it does - much better!

Although subject to fluctuation and stated at the time of writing, there is a forward order ledger equating to approximately $200,000 and around $70,000 in deposits that will be passed onto the incoming purchaser.

This means lower working capital required compared to other types of businesses and guaranteed sales for an incoming owner. Not only that. The business has many other outstanding quotations, which, if successful, will undoubtedly continue to extend its already large forward order ledger to even higher levels.

This well-established business – in the high-income tourist and lifestyle mecca in the coastal southwest region enjoys monopoly status as the only one of its kind in town.

There is one winner! YOU

The region has one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia, creating strong ongoing demand for both businesses’ products and services.

There’s also great scope for increasing demand through an advertising and promotion campaign – so far, the business has thrived without one.

Key Features:

  • Owner requires no special skills
  • Low competition
  • Fast-growing local marker
  • Major international brands
  • Large repeat order customer base
  • Major supplier in its niche
  • Easy to operate
  • Deposits paid to ensure great cash flow
  • Forward orders locked in means sales are guaranteed from day one
  • Excellent lease

AND there’s more…..

High Gross Profit Margin

Self-propelled sales and a high gross profit margin of 66% indicate a business that is solid and growing strongly.

Historical Ongoing Growth – No Matter What The State Of The Economy

The business has continued to record increases in sales and gross profits from inception, including the once-off statewide COVID-19 lockdowns, and on this basis, the owner sees no reason why this trend will not continue, especially given the fact the population boom in the region is expected to continue.

Low Risk

Low overheads, automatic growth, and the capability to potentially recoup the purchase price by branching into other products.

Low Staff

With the industry being as large as it is, there has never been a problem with sourcing new staff when required.

Long Established -Little AdvertisingTime proven icon

The business has been servicing the southwest market for some 12 years. During most of that time, the demand for its products and services has exceeded the business’s capacity to produce. With very little sales or marketing effort, turnover has continued to grow year on year, predominantly through reputation and word of mouth.

Admittedly the business has been managed conservatively, giving the new owner many potential areas to expand it. Evidence of this is the fact that the business has grown substantially with no marketing plan, salesforce, or large advertising budget.

Low Stock Holding

This amount of stock is considered minimal. Most other businesses will carry much higher values than this, which will demand higher working capital requirements and unnecessary money tied up during the term of ownership.

Genuine Reason For Sale

And you ask why anyone would sell a business so great; that’s simple …. the owner is retiring.

So really ………. What are you waiting for?

Email the link to register to find out more about this booming regional business as the report is nearing completion. No phone information will be provided.

Key Features

  • Easy to run
  • Proven long history -12 years +
  • Excellent lease security
  • Forward orders locked in
  • Excellent cash flow with deposits paid
  • Low stock holding
  • Little advertising

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