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$138,000 pa

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South West Regional

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Graham Nankivell



Key Features

  • Essential everyday short life products
  • Government regulated and mandated
  • Solid cash flow
  • Historical ongowing growth
  • Significant expansion potential remains
  • Low stock
  • Low staff


This high-profit hire and fast re-order business is directly aligned to a market which is increasing in demand from a huge variety of clients. In fact, it could be described as one of the most stable – high growth, protected market sectors where sales are self-propelled without any sales force or a high advertising.

But what makes this business stand head and shoulders above the rest?

  • Essential “everyday – short-life products” means predictable monthly repeat orders
  • Enviable lifestyle in a south-west town
  • Low 25 to 30-hour average week for owner
  • Low Rent approx. $14,000 per annum
  • No Financial stress with most customers paying accounts before delivery
  • The closest you’ll ever get to a recession proof business
  • High Net Profit margin – 27% percent
  • Barriers for new competitors – means unstoppable sales
  • Government approval agreement reinforces customer retention and further restricts competition


With essential products which have a short life  it’s no wonder sales and profits are unstoppable. Now while sound fantastic, but the mere fact that re-order product churn which is supported by it extremely long established client base. This leads to ongoing PREDICTABLE ordering cycles.

Low overheads, essential products mandated by government, and automatic growth make it hard to go wrong. Even better, having no one client that represents more than five percent of sales lowers risk even further.

Driven by a broad spectrum of clients this business can only continue to grow. And while it’s constantly growing, it is capable of handling any further demand simply by adding additional non-skilled staff, who need have NO special trade skill.

This business has built up a massive client list over its long establishment period with a current database listing as many as 1,600 clients

Unlike other high risk businesses, this business has little reliance on any one customer, making it less susceptible to major downturns arising from the loss of clients.

Limiting risk even further – the business draws customers from an extremely wide area besides its immediate local area.

The High barrier to entry is underpinned by the Government Mandates and Regulations ensuring the likelihood of new competitors starting up unlikely. This is an industry where businesses RARELY come to market.

With most sales netting full payment on delivery of the order, and purchases being on supplier terms, the business enjoys positive cash flow. This means the buyer will have cash in the bank from day one. Unlike other businesses, it also means minimal working capital requirements

The business has been managed on a conservative basis, allowing the new owner many potential areas to further expand the business. Evidence of this is that the business has historically reflected substantial growth with no marketing plan, sales force or large advertising budget.


This business affords the lucky buyer extreme low risk in that it has a diverse and reliable customer base with a lock-in features. The business is poised for progress in a variety of directions, with new potential markets ready to be exploited. This is an exceptional opportunity for a new owner willing to take advantage of this outstanding business investment.


This amount of stock is considered minimal. Most other businesses achieving this turnover will carry much higher values than this, which will demand higher working capital requirements and unnecessary money tied up during the term of ownership.


The business has many years of verified accounts which clearly show its profitability. In addition, there is an excellent audit trail to verify sales and purchases with invoices and systems.

The profit of $138,000 per annum is based on the owner working a low average 25 -30 hours per week in an administrative role, leaving time to enjoy the pleasures of an enviable South West lifestyle.

This profitable business is long established and easy to operate. A rapid increasing sales and profit is likely to be achieved by simply executing a marketing plan.

This business is RARE and with so many features, you’re probably wondering – why would anyone sell a business as good as this? Well it’s simple –retirement !


Ref. No GN10753SW  Broker Graham Nankivell & Tanya Bidwell

Key Features

  • Essential everyday short life products
  • Government regulated and mandated
  • Solid cash flow
  • Historical ongowing growth
  • Significant expansion potential remains
  • Low stock
  • Low staff

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