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$885,020 pa

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North West Regional

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Richard Broad



Key Features

  • Established 36 years
  • Essential services
  • High gross profit margins
  • Location location location
  • Low competition
  • Exclusive agencies
  • Five days per week operation


Profit: $800,000 plus - Sales YTD up 9% on 2021

Proven History of strong results

The fundamentals are firmly in place with exceptional skill levels, modern equipment, a broad parts inventory and a workshop with plenty of yard space.

From humble beginnings in 1986, this North-West Business for Sale has grown to provide “The Life Blood” of services for industry in the region. In other words, they have become the longest, most significant, best equipped, and most reputable business of its kind and, above all, recommended by locals.

Many other companies and businesses require this North-West Business for Sale in the area. So much so that many people don’t realise how essential they are in maintaining the industry’s ongoing operations.

The main features are:

  • Established 36 years
  • History of Strong Growth
  • Essential services to many industry groups
  • High Gross Profit Margins together with substantial long term profits
  • Repeat client base including Government and Corporate
  • State of the art Equipment
  • Loyal, low staff numbers
  • Low competition
  • Exclusive agency
  • Under semi-management
  • Growth potential – Sales up 9% YTD
  • Growing region
  • Tourist destination
  • Five days per week operation

This North-West Business for Sale provides essential services to support industries, including transport, marine, aircraft or general operations. Therefore, it gives it a client base encompassing other sectors, civil contractors, government departments, and the Federal Department of Defence. For instance, tour operators and companies in the agricultural, fishing, and marine sectors.

Long Established

With over 36 years, the company is a trusted leader in the industry and is perceived as clearly superior to competitors who refer work they cannot handle. Consequently, many customers have traded with the business for decades, and all are intensely loyal.

The North-West is on “fire.”

With Many local projects in planning, the expansion will continue in several areas of industry that this business already serves. For example, the town is becoming more of a regional hub, and with it will come more passing tourist and commercial vehicles and more business activity.

In addition, more tour operators are basing themselves in the North-West for tours during the cooler months. Consequently, new operators want to take advantage of the business services.

High GP

High Gross Profit Margin, Self-propelled sales, and a high gross profit margin of 51% indicate a solid business and in a decisive growth phase.

Preferred Supplier Status

This North-West Business for Sale is desirable as it’s a preferred supplier to several major customers. Therefore, it ensures regular repeat business and reduces spending money on marketing to maintain customer demand.

Historical Ongoing Growth

No matter the state of the economy, the business has continued to record increases in sales and gross profits from its inception 36 years ago.

Under Semi-Management

Low hours per week by the owner Cross-trained staff and divisional managers make it easy for the owner to oversee the business operations.

A widespread, growing, repeat client base.

The list of customers currently numbers approximately 500, with no one representing more than10% of annual sales. In other words, It is a crucial feature not often found in companies of this calibre.

Low competition

This North-West Business for Sale competitors is long-established. Therefore, the company has continuously operated against the present level of competition. In addition, in these market conditions, it is regularly able to achieve sales over $4.5 million pa, so the presence of competitors effectively does not affect its turnover or profitability.

No reliance on sales staff to generate sales. Most sales are self-propelled.

Low level of competition

Being well-established and known for its quality and service, the company has continuously operated against the present status of the competition.

High Barriers to market entry  

Aside from the significant capital requirements to establish a business such as this, a newcomer to the market would find it almost impossible to secure premises and staff.

Five days per week in a tourist destination

The business generally operates from Monday to Friday unless weekend overtime is required, in which case, staff can usually work unsupervised.

It can run under total management.

The new owner can employ a full-time manager and control operations from the Perth metro area.

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Key Features

  • Established 36 years
  • Essential services
  • High gross profit margins
  • Location location location
  • Low competition
  • Exclusive agencies
  • Five days per week operation

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