Business Summary

Net Profit: $293,214
Price: $750,000
Industry: Wholesale, Service

We all know that a business with the latest tech means nothing without the right staff behind it. This creative crew is always there to work with a variety of customers and have extensive experience throughout Australia, Asia, USA and the UK.
Customers deal with a personal West Australian team with un-matched skills when it comes to experience in their field.
If that's not enough.......they also have a selection of the best coffee blends and an endless supply of chocolates to keep the creativity flowing and customers happy! 
This business can easily complement (but not limited to) a marketing, branding and web designing agency.

Key Features

  • Arguably the best and most professional team in the industry in WA.
  • Located in a consistently growing industry.
  • Best location and best premises in WA.
  • Competent and experienced staff have created an enviable reputation.
  • Future growth driven by consistent market forces.
  • Market place not limited by state or national boundaries.
  • Only 2 full time, contract staff available when required.
  • Practically no requirement for stock.
  • No major customer, wide spread and repeat client base.
  • Currently running with little advertising.
  • High barrier to market entry.
  • Attractive post settlement support.

Business Overview

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Given the fact that virtually all industries require the services provided by this business and that such material needs to be regularly refreshed to keep audiences interested, and that new enterprises are starting all the time (31,951 new businesses were registered in WA in 2016/17) the market for this Business is virtually infinite.
The combination of cutting-edge equipment, a purpose-built facility and a roster of internationally experienced freelance staff makes this Business the leading provider of its services in WA.
There are only two significant competitors in WA, neither of which can match the equipment or facility offered by this business. Any newcomer to the market would find it virtually impossible to compete due to the factors listed below.
The business employs on two full time staff and instead relies upon contractors to do much of the work and can expand and contract the number depending on demand. It holds virtually no stock and need do no advertising beyond its own websites. These factors allow the owner to keep a tight rein on costs and minimises the need for working capital.
Thirty percent of sales are generated via the website, with most of the remainder via emailed or telephoned requests for quotes. The owner has no need to maintain a sales force, though this is one means by which revenues could easily be increased if desired.
The facility has plenty of space for special project expansion and growth potential.

The vendor will provide full training after settlement date for eight hours per day for two weeks without remuneration to fully familiarise the purchaser in all aspects of the running of the business and is willing to remain longer in a paid consultancy role if desired, subject to negotiation.

Listing Brokers

Paul Susana

Paul Susana

Senior Business Broker to the Russell Lyon Team

Russell Lyon

Russell Lyon

Principal - Over 35 Years Business Sales Experience