EXPRESS 35 DAY SALE ALL OFFERS PRESENTED BY 4.00 PM 1st FEBRUARY 2018 (unless sold prior) Ref No. PKS9736

Business Summary

Net Profit: $310,000
Price: EXPRESS SALE:Stop! All Reasonable Offers Accepted
Industry: Service, Hospitality, Retail/Service

THE BEST: Seaside Cafe you have been waiting for join the que

EXPRESS 35 DAY SALE ALL OFFERS PRESENTED BY 4.00 PM 1st FEBRUARY 2018 (unless sold prior) 
THIS is not any business this is the cash you have been waiting for... 
   UNDER MANAGEMENT (Don’t leave home) 
 PRIME LOCATION – 7200 cars per day


FUN- CASH- BEACH, can it get any better than this?    
The answer is YES, it can. The reason:  it is run under management and creates massive profit per year.
This Café just powers on- straight through any economy- how does it do this? 

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Key Features

  • • Current year to date sales on track
  • • Widespread growing repeat client base
  • • Business is under management
  • • Low hours per week by owner
  • • Only three full-time staff
  • • Only three full-time staff
  • • Barriers to market entry
  • • Simple to operate – no experience necessary

Business Overview

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The menu has unique food not offered anywhere else in Perth

                         THE BEST: Seaside Cafe you have been waiting for join the que

EXPRESS 35 DAY SALE ALL OFFERS PRESENTED BY 4.00 PM 1st FEBRUARY 2018 (unless sold prior)            

This Café just powers on- straight through[A1]  any economy- how does it do this?
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“I’LL MEET YOU AT “XXXXXXXXXXXX”- that’s what the locals say -approximately 10,000 times per week, with 75 % of these being regulars.

Since 2014 this café has become the ‘go to’ place for people living in the neighbourhood.
And the neighbourhood is growing, with high quality apartments being built close to this business with more development coming, so the catchment for this thriving business is booming!
Located on a major arterial road, this café has automatic advantage over its competitors. Traffic flow of 7200 cars per day, provides exceptional exposure & free advertising.
This beach café doesn’t suffer from congestion and a lack of parking, it has 30 car parking bays, right at the door, driving business and filling its 81 seat capacity & takeaway bar.
Customers take Advantage:
  1.  Specialty coffee sourced from Melbourne.
  2. The menu has unique food not offered anywhere else in Perth.
  3. Food is mostly made from scratch in the new kitchen.
  4. Menu items are chosen to be quick and easy to prepare, returning 70% gross profit.
  5. The café has been expertly presented.
  6. A mixture of heritage, renovation and brand-new fittings.
This business has a theme in its presentation, which is also used in the name of the café. The branding is so effective that an opportunity exists for the new owner to duplicate the concept & name in another location
Ref No. PKS9736
State: WA
Location: Perth
Category Service
Sales $1,700,000

Key Features >>>> For a food and service business, a Gross Profit margin of 70% percent is indicative of a tightly controlled operation with strict cost control.        
  • Current year to date sales on track.
 Sales have remained constant throughout the 2016/17 period. Considering many businesses – and particularly some in hospitality – are experiencing tough times. This business is clearly a stable and consistent performer and attracts a high level of repeat customers together with new clients every week.
  • Widespread growing repeat client base       
Strong population growth is expected into the future, which will increase the size of this business market catchment. With high quality rise apartments and new subdivisions being built nearby, the area is truly the most up-and-coming in WA.
  • Business is under management
This predictable business is supported by skilled and experienced Managers who take care of the day-to-day running and senior staff look after the operational aspects, supervising other staff.
  • Profits can be proven   
The business has a complete set of verified accounts which clearly show its profitability.
  • Low hours per week by owner
Cross trained staff and supervisors / managers make it easy for the owner to simply oversee the business operations without needing to be actively involved. The current owner works just three to five hours a week on average, liaising with management, bookkeepers and suppliers.
  • Location – location - location
This Business’s major competitive advantage is its style of café in combination with its prime location. It is sitting on a major arterial road, which carries on any given weekday approx. 7200.With high quality apartments being built close to this business and more development coming, so the catchment for this thriving business is booming!
  • Parking
With 30 car-parking bays is right at the door and free. This parking is a bonus and assists for filling the 81 seat capacity of the restaurant. Locals appreciate the ease of access and time-saving benefits the parking offers. Many of the competitors either, don’t have the parking handy, or have none at all. This is a major competitive advantage for this business.
  • Established  three years – already a destination business
 Despite being a relatively young business, this business is already strongly supported by the local community.
  • Only three full-time staff
This keeps costs to a minimum while allowing the use of casuals to cover periods of peak demand, resulting in a high level of efficiency and Gross Profit.
  • Only three full-time staff
Most of this business’s competitors are long-established, so the company has always operated against the present level of competition.
  • Barriers to market entry
Aside from the significant capital requirements to establish a business such as this, a newcomer to the market hoping to compete with this business would find that a prime location with exceptional parking and slip way road for quick visits, such as is occupied by this business will never again become available in the fast-growing and popular area .The vendors believe that this is one of the key elements that sets the business apart from its competitors.
  • Low advertising
The business is in the fortunate position that it does not need to canvas for new clients via advertising; however the vendors believe a slight increase in focus on this area is highly likely to increase sales. Since the business continues to enjoy new customers daily, a huge untapped market undoubtedly still exists, which just needs try the offering.
  • Simple to operate – no experience necessary
The current owner has employed and trained people who are able to handle the operational aspects of the management function. The business “runs itself” and the owner’s presence is not necessary for its day-to-day-operations. The new owner could have has much or as little involvement as they choose in the running of the business, and enjoy holidays and time off at their discretion.
  • Owner can take holidays
 The owner is in a position to take holidays at any time. Over the life of the business the current owner has travelled at least twice per year, for periods up to four weeks at a time, with no impact upon the smooth running of the business.
  • Work from home
 With the computer system currently in place it is possible for the new owner to run the business remotely from home or another site, with only infrequent visits to the business are necessary to ensure it is operating smoothly and is aesthetically on track.
  • Immediate potential to expand the business
There are many immediate options available to a purchaser who seeks to expand upon the current business model. Hosting functions has the ability to significantly increase turnover, and was something the business was successful in doing while the owners put energy into promoting this area. Also evening dinning and catering are again waiting for a new owner to explore
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Unlike other brokers who provide a couple of pages of basic information, the high detailed report on this business will evaluate the staff, products, markets, facilities, sales potential, competition, financial analysis and much more. This usually runs over 40 pages, analysing everything you need to know to make a quick but informed decision that will save you time, money, frustration and risk.
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This business affords the lucky buyer extreme low risk in that it has a diverse and reliable customer base with lock-in feature. The business is poised for progress in a variety of directions, with new potential markets ready to be developed. This is an exceptional opportunity for a new owner willing to take advantage of this outstanding business investment – DON’T MISS THIS!


Financial Analysis

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Ref No. PKS9736 State: WA Location: Perth Category Service Sales $1,700,000

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