Automatic growth fuels profit Ref No. PKS9222

Business Summary

Net Profit: $130,000
Price: $380,000
Industry: Wholesale, Retail

Simple to operate with short daily hours bolted to proven sales and HIGH GROSS MARGIN 47%
This remarkably successful 30-year-old business has consistent sales results showing the resilience of a strength rarely found in business. Festive events, Weddings, Funerals, Corporate and Private functions never stop growing due to the increasing and aging population. This business that cannot be over taken by technology in fact its crying out for it an absolute gold mine of an opportunity.

Key Features

  • Highly profitable repeat sales & customer referrals
  • Excellent cash flow - COD
  • Easy to operate
  • Historical ongoing growth
  • Essential Products
  • Low trading hours
  • Barriers to entry
  • High Gross Margin 47%
  • Vast distribution market

Business Overview

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A vast distribution market has yet to be tapped with the capacity to expand only limited by your imagination.
Such a widespread and equally weighted client base is rare amongst businesses, and offers the buyer
exceptional security no client representing more than 3%
And it gets better!!
"The above purchase price represents excellent value….
…. when comparing the features of this business with other businesses"
  • Highly profitable repeat sales & customer referrals
Strong and consistent sales reflected in the last four years of accounts indicate the need for the product and the ease of revenue generated from referrals.
  • Excellent cash flow – almost all COD
Fast, simple and efficient sales turnaround with high mark-ups and ongoing volumes lock in consistent and superior cash flow with COD 67%.
  • Extensive network of proven efficient supply chains
23 years of honed experience from the owner has provided reliable and extensive distribution
              that would be the envy of competitors. Supplies are sourced across Australia the USA and Europe.
  • A customer database of over 1,000
That’s right …a massive pool of customers with the POTENTIAL TO DOUBLE OR EVEN TRIPLE IT with very little effort.
  • Easy to operate
 The business was recently relocated to newer and larger premises with no impact on sales , and daily operations are easily performed,
  • Historical ongoing growth - no matter what the state of the economy
This business has survived a recession and a global GFC yet continued to increase sales and gross profit percentages have remained constant from inception, on this basis the owner sees no reason why this trend will not continue.
  • Barriers to entry
Any newcomer would find it very hard to gain a foothold as the current suppliers
are long-established, trusted, and loyal. A business of some 30 years will always have a superior client base and offers real good will as opposed to a start up.
  • Customer retention
The current owner has found high retention levels of clients as a result of simple & effective product supply, fast turnaround and overall high levels of service, quality and satisfaction.
  • Essential Products
           The growing Western Australian population will require this business's product because its customers 
service, births, weddings, birthdays, funerals, anniversaries corporate events etc.., and these continue to
           happen regardless of the economy.
  • Low trading hours and no sales staff
The business is built with no sales staff, low trading hours with virtually no advertising.
  • Immediate potential to expand the business
A simple online presence would lift the profile of this business launching it into a Australian wide market immediately and potentially catapulting the business into a massive growth phase.
Extended product range
New products are constantly introduced to complement the existing product range, at competitive prices.
To make an informed decision please contact Pat Keenan - Smith for your copy of the complete Detailed Business Report
Mobile: 0413 626 633 or (08) 9429-8882
Unlike other brokers who provide a couple of pages of basic information, the high detailed report on this business will evaluate the staff, products, markets, facilities, sales potential, competition, financial analysis and much more. This usually runs over 40 pages, analysing everything you need to know to make a quick but informed decision that will save you time, money, frustration and risk.
In dealing with Performance Business Sales you will find our carefully selected businesses listings are of a higher quality and therefore reflect lower risk than most businesses offered by our competitors. It will truly be worth your while to confirm your interest in this outstanding business to avoid disappointment.
This business affords the lucky buyer extreme low risk in that it has a diverse and reliable customer base with lock-in feature. The business is poised for progress in a variety of directions, with new potential markets ready to be developed. This is an exceptional opportunity for a new owner willing to take advantage of this outstanding business investment – DON’T MISS THIS!

Financial Analysis

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Sales $510,000 Net Profit $133,000 Stock $85,000 Total Price $380,000

Listing Brokers

Pat Keenan-Smith

Pat Keenan-Smith

Senior Broker To The Graham Nankivell Team