Graham Nankivell Testimonials

Graham was the original founder of Performance Business Sales and is one of W.A.'s most experienced Brokers - Specialising In Confidential Commercial & Industrial Sales - Manufacturing - Wholesaling - Service - Retail - Franchising - Medical.

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"Dear Graham This is a sincere thank you for your efforts over the whole of the period relating to our recent Purchase of a business through Performance Business Sales.

From our initial contact when you patiently explained the details and benefits of your business search programme, right through until Settlement, the service has always been professional and prompt.

Although we didn't choose the first business that was offered to us, this was not an issue as far as you were concerned, and we were very pleased to receive terrific business reports that were presented for us to consider.

Being able to specify the type of business that appealed to us, and using the recourses of your Business Search program, we feel that we were able to get the outcome we wanted by being proactive, rather than wait around hoping a suitable business would appear. having spent a considerable time searching for a business ourselves, it was refreshing to have a system working for us to take the leg-work of the exercise.

In closing, I would like to thank you again for your professional service and I would be more than happy to recommend your search program to other serious purchasers who are looking for a quality business. "

– G. Atcheson 

"Dear Graham

On behalf of my wife, Janine and myself, I would like to convey our thanks and appreciation for all the time and considerable effort you put into our acquisition of the Triou Food Company.

As first time business purchasers, it was refreshing to deal with someone of your honesty and integrity. It allowed us to go through the many stages of the business purchase with confidence

I can assure you, that at any time in the future, if we decide to purchase another business, we will definitely be knocking on your door again. "

– Bryan K. 

"To whom it may concern

Having recently sold my business through Performance Business Sales and in particular Graham Nankivell, I feel obliged to commend them for their professionalism and commitment.

I originally placed my business with another business brokerage. After some weeks, I was disappointed by their attitude and approach, especially as the number of potential Buyers contacted was pathetically small, with no sale resulting.

Fortunately, a colleague who had sold a business his business through performance Business Sales, recommended Graham to me.

The difference between the two companies was obvious - Performance Business Sales gave a realistic valuation, detailed glossy full detailed report and constant enthusiasm, while the previously employed broker presented half a dozen low quality photos and several pages of text and lost interest after the first few weeks.

The effort put into compiling the report was largely responsible for the sale of the business. The enthusiastic approach was unfaltering and there was never a doubt the business would sell.

I have no doubt at all that Graham's very professional presentation and correct valuation/data sold the shop. Unlike the other previous Broker, Graham kept me informed and up-to-date constantly.

Graham displayed amazing patience, persistence and diplomacy. he was able to smooth "ruffled feathers "and continue negotiations regardless of how challenging the problem appeared. he would be in my opinion, be second to none in negotiating skills.

I thoroughly recommend performance Business Sales to anyone wishing to sell their business. "

– J. Garrett 

"Buying a business for the first time was a daunting task, but with Performance Business Sales we felt comfortable throughout the whole process because of the open and honest was the sale was conducted."

– Paul and Anette A 

"After several years spent supporting those of our franchisees who've sold their branches, I have come to the conclusion that the only viable system available in Australia is the one you have developed. With over 130 franchised operations throughout Australia, you can understand my frustration when I see branches in WA achieving outstanding prices for our franchisees within a 2-3 week time frame, whereas in other States we are lucky to move a branch within a six month time frame, it that!

I've dealt with business agents in most States of Australia as a representative of High Performance Corporation, and I've come to the conclusion that they are a group with little direction, and no real commitment to establishing quality systems that work on behalf of their customer. They are also uninterested in building relationships with franchisers, despite our best efforts to promote them as agents with the ability to sell a business and manage the process with integrity and professionalism. You can also appreciate the effect this has on us as a franchiser. Once a franchisee makes a decision to sell, his attention is on the rest of his life, and or how to spend the sale proceeds. Long periods in limbo divert their enthusiasm and efforts, and result in disgruntled and demotivated franchisees. That leads to a decline in sales and, as a result, our income.

The time we spent going through your website opened my eyes to the reasons you achieve the kind of results we have come to expect over the last fifteen years you've been our appointed sales agent in Western Australia. The written reports combined with the Performance Business Sales website are the key ingredients to a successful sale and settlement process. The sooner your system is available in other States of Australia I have no doubt that we will be in a better position to transfer branches within a reasonable time frame at a fair and reasonable price.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Please keep me advised of the real estate agents who purchases your system, so we can refer our franchisees to them when they decide to sell their businesses."

– Steve Wheeler