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$178,212 pa

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South West Regional

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Tanya Bidwell



Key Features

  • Essential services -eco friendly
  • 10 hour work week
  • Home office – stay in your slippers
  • Secure government & blue chip clients
  • Simple to operate – no experience necessary
  • 900 strong client base -repeat – fast payments
  • Long established – 27 years


Can you imagine earning up to $14,851 per month working just 10 hours per week?

That equates to….$3427 per week...........$685 per day working 5 days..........

$342 per hour if only 2 hours per day !!

And …..mostly from the comfort of your own home as the owner's tasks are supervisory and administrative!

In search of the perfect work-from-home business opportunity?

Look no further. The key to buyer confidence lies in the assurance that their investment will not just succeed but thrive. This business, boasting an impressive 27-year track record, offers precisely that. With a seamless and proven business model, supported by a seasoned team, it has consistently delivered low risk and undeniable success.

But that's not all; this business comes with an enviable portfolio of long-term blue-chip and government clients, complete with locked-in forward sales. Located in the highly desirable Busselton Dunsborough Enclave, it not only promises financial success but also a dreamy lifestyle.

The business has endured even through some poor economic conditions because the services it offers are essential and clients must be serviced on time, every time. We doubt if you will find another service business with this low-risk feature in addition to the many below…

  • Locked in Government and blue chip repeat clients
  • Client base 900 strong with 75% repeat
  • Low Overheads
  • No Rent - run from a home office
  • High GP of 100% as its service based means low working capital
  • Low 10 hours per week -supervisory and administrative for owner
  • Excellent reputation
  • Unique process sets this business apart with limited competition
  • High growth tourist hot spot
  • High level of client retention
  • Long established – 27 years
  • Excellent cashflow with 90%...


Given that this business has one of the best reputations in terms of size and stature of its type in the South Cape region, its potential reach is enormous. The potential is growing all the time, given that the population in this area is expanding.

Demand for this business’s services will undoubtedly be driven by the region’s projected population growth.

The current population, now at 182,500, is set to reach 230,000 by 2031 and by 2050 possibly as many as 500,000 (South West Development Commission, 2019).

Not only that, with Busselton promoting itself as the events capital of WA, and the recent naming of the Margaret River region as a must in the “First-timer’s guide to Western Australia “ by Lonely Planet can only add to the region’s appeal. To top it off now with direct flights from Melbourne to Busselton Airport, can only mean great news for this business as more essential services are likely required to service the growing numbers of residents and tourists.


  • Low 10 hours per week by new owner

The present owners opt to work in the business, however, an allowance has been made to replace their current duties with staff so a new owner can take on a supervisory, administrative role. A new owner could however opt to be hands-on and save on staff wages thus boosting the owner’s income upwards.

  • Stress-Free Lifestyle Location

Live in one of the most desirable stress-free locations “the Busselton /Dunsborough Enclave” where visitors swarm year upon year to holiday and relax! You could feel like every day is a holiday working 10 hours per week.

  • Home office – Stay In Your Slippers

With an administrative role required by the incoming owner– you can run this successful business in this desirable location from the comfort of your own home.

  • Essential Services -Eco Friendly

This business’ services are essential and will always be required despite the economy. Even through economic downturns, there is always a need for this business’ services making it virtually recession resistant and proven with its financials presented in the 70+ page business report.

  • Secure Government & Blue Chip Clients

The business has secured government and blue chip clients with no one worth a large percentage of sales. With such a wide range of repeat long-term clients help fortify its future. It is continuously engaged – some over 10 years is a testament to the excellent service and reputation of this business.

  • 900 strong client base -Repeat – fast payments

The business has around 900 clients with approximately 75% repeat with fast cash payments-around 90% within 7 days meaning great financial security and little working capital required.

  • Long established – 27 years

The business has been servicing the South West Region going into its twenty-seventh year. With very little sales or marketing, effort it has continued to grow through reputation and word-of-mouth.

  • No reliance on sales staff

The vast majority of growth is simply self-propelled, which means that the current owner does not have the overhead of running a sales force. However, it also puts the new owner in the enviable position of having at hand a means by which demand could almost certainly be increased if a marketing plan was to be implemented.

  • The owner can take holidays

Staff are adequately trained to cope without the owner, and the systems and processes which have been implemented keep the staff accountable and clear on their roles and responsibilities.

  • Simple to operate – no experience necessary

The current owner had no prior experience in this industry prior to purchasing this business. Systems and procedures which have already been established ensure that the owner can have the confidence in his staff to operate the business effectively in his absence.

This has everything you want in a low-stress business, low hours for an owner and the ability to work from home in one of the best regions to live in on the planet.  In addition, with long-term clients, growth potential and blue chip & government repeat client base makes this business a highly desirable opportunity!

Don’t delay – reserve your copy of our 70+ -page detailed business report to avoid disappointment by clicking the email link ENQUIRE NOW

Please note: the sale of this Business is highly confidential, and as a result – no phone information will be handed out. Only approved registered Buyers will be given first preference for this outstanding business.

All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving identifying information or a copy of the business report.




Key Features

  • Essential services -eco friendly
  • 10 hour work week
  • Home office – stay in your slippers
  • Secure government & blue chip clients
  • Simple to operate – no experience necessary
  • 900 strong client base -repeat – fast payments
  • Long established – 27 years

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