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$604,337 pa

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Mid West Regional

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Graham Nankivell

Available Now

Available Now

Key Features

  • Long established =over 34 years
  • Low owner hours =15 per week
  • Secure distribution rights = low risk
  • 30% cod = great cashflow
  • Long lease circa 15 years = security of tenure
  • High barrier to competitors
  • Coastal location = relaxed lifestyle opportunities


....To Agricultural And Government Departments

The current owner is now ready to retire and over the past 34 years has developed a comprehensive client base which last year generated over 12,000 invoiced sales. With such a large diverse and high level of repeat clients, this business makes it easy to make money!!

HOWEVER...Sales Records Are Meant To Be Broken

The SUPERSONIC continued sales growth is largely attributed to the secure TERRITORIAL rights providing an extremely wide secure customer base with little direct competition  PLUS  the Written Dealership and Agency Agreements provide assurance of continued supply.

Couple that with a gradual increase in population growth over the last ten years in the region and its economy being one of the most diverse in the State, with a range of industry sectors that provide both a stable economic platform and a variety of employment opportunities from mining, fishing and agriculture, to retail, health care and social assistance, public administration and safety, education and training, manufacturing and construction means a secure and low-risk opportunity.


That’s right …the adjusted net profit of over $604,337 reflects an owner working around 15 hours per week on administrative tasks as the day-to-day operations are managed by its long-term staff.

So if lifestyle is a priority this is the perfect opportunity for you, or the business can easily be placed under full management with a suitable replacement and still retain a highly regarded profit level for the incoming owner -who could choose to not work at all.

What else makes this opportunity so great?

  • Essential equipment, products and services required for safety, warmth and protection makes it hard to go wrong, especially when some are legally mandated.
  • Semi-managed or could be fully managed to reduce the owner’s hours allowing a flexible lifestyle and more time to enjoy this Coastal mecca
  • A long Lease of approximately 15 years offers both security and stability
  • Secure long-term low full-time/part-time staff means no staff hassles
  • Approximately 30 % COD sales allow excellent cashflow and therefore less financial stress
  • The closest you’ll ever get to a recession-proof business it’s been TRIED TESTED AND PROVEN with the same owner for over 34 years and has shown to have survived economic downturns.
  • Barriers to new competitors – means unstoppable sales
  • Preferred Government Supplier reinforces the reputation

As you can see – no other business will come close to matching this business’s line-up of low-risk key features.


Many of the products and services provided by this outstanding business are essential, making this so safe it could be considered virtually recession-proof.

These products and services are required to prepare for warmth, safety and maintenance, some of which are legally mandated.

Not only that ….there is the added bonus of some products not only being needed for work of a serious nature but additionally popular for recreational use. That makes this an excellent opportunity to target the growing population and the growing number of recreational enthusiasts!


This low-risk business brings a lifestyle choice …., generating a massive net profit to an owner-operator working 15 hours per week in excess of $604,000 per annum. The new owner could, however, opt to employ a suitable replacement to work less or even at all. Who wouldn’t want to live in this coastal mecca?


As previously mentioned the current owner of 34 years has built up an extensive client list with NO DEDICATED SALESFORCE. Not only does this remarkable business provide the equipment and products initially, but has ongoing repeat business with an excellent level of client loyalty spanning over previous years. This provides some comfort seeing the pattern in future sales and likely predictable orders in the future.

Unlike other high-risk businesses, this business has little reliance on any one customer, making it less susceptible to major downturns arising from the loss of clients.



Hard to believe, but it’s true…

…For example – Finance approved Buyers with required real estate equity could potentially borrow the full asking price, paying no deposit. Let’s assume your target is to pay off the full-price loan entirely out of the business in say ten years. The following example reflects the surplus profit after deducting the annual principal and interest loan repayments. As each person’s personal loan requirements will be different, you should only use the parameters below as a guide before speaking to your own financier for an accurate quote.

You should not rely on the example below as financial advice -rather as above, you should contact your own financial institution and accountant for an accurate position.

Purchase price payback potential example only;

Example parameters

  • Full price funding example $1,800,000
  • No deposit
  • 10-year loan term -principal and interest
  • The interest rate at 9%
  • Monthly repayments =approximately $22,802 per month ( Average profit per month approx. $50,397)
  • Potential annual cash surplus = $330,713 per annum after deducting the annual principal and interest loan repayments.


  1. You have an asset purchased fully by the business’s own profit.
  2. An owner-manager working 15 hours per week would have potentially received a cash surplus of some $330,713 each year after servicing full-price loan repayments
  3. With no Loan repayments after the 10 years – your surplus  substantially increases
  4. Selling the business after full loan payback generates the ultimate cash jackpot

Given its reputation and contracted Agency and Dealership agreements, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to set up new competition; in fact, the low competition in its 34-plus years underpins this LOW-RISK and SECURE business!

You are probably wondering why this business is for sale ……?

Well, it’s simple ……. long-deserved retirement!


THIS WILL SELL FAST!…SO, DON’T DELAY – register your interest now by clicking on the “email me” link and we will notify you when our 90+ page, highly detailed report has been completed.

Please note: the sale of this business is highly confidential, and as a result – no phone information will be handed out. All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving the business report. Only registered Buyers will be given first preference for this outstanding business.

Ref. No TB12620GM Broker Graham Nankivell & Tanya Bidwell

Key Features

  • Long established =over 34 years
  • Low owner hours =15 per week
  • Secure distribution rights = low risk
  • 30% cod = great cashflow
  • Long lease circa 15 years = security of tenure
  • High barrier to competitors
  • Coastal location = relaxed lifestyle opportunities

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