Automotive Products - strong, proven business $330,000 net profit.

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$330,000 pa

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South West Regional

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Lynda Armstrong


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Key Features

  • Net profit $335,000
  • Absolutely essential products & services
  • Low risk, low overheads, low staff
  • Established over 60 years
  • Wide customer/income base
  • South west population growth
  • Increased demand ongoing

Essential Products - Low Risk & Strong Profit - Long Trading History 60 yrs



South West Lifestyle and easy travelling to Perth

Established 60 years - Current Owners 15 years

Small staff 

$335,000 Net Profit

Large asset value in price

Essential products and services

Increasing sales and profit margins

Simple to run -simply a good honest business


Here are the reasons to buy this business

  • Proven sales and profit growth over many years
  • Trading strongly through COVID
  • High Gross Profit & Net Profit % ``
  • Good management systems and procedures are in place
  • No reliance on sales staff, self propelled sales
  • Small group of long term suppliers
  • Low working capital requirement
  • Low full-time staff
  • Sales spread over a diverse range of customers
  • Long proven period of establishment

As you can see – there are a lot of good reasons to look at this business seriously

Why would people sell such a great business? – over the last 15 years  this business has given them a great income and great lifestyle in their home town and now they are ready for some new challenges and eventually some travelling. They want to give a new owner the best foundations to build on  and the business is ready to take advantage of the growth occurring in their sector and in their regional location.


  Every Vehicle needs these products and services – what a business

What makes this business so strong in this challenging economic climate?

Benefit:        Products and services provided by this Business, associated with the Automotive Industry,  serve an essential, critical need for a large part of the population.
Benefit:        The business has been trading for 60 years, it has an outstanding reputation combined with great profit margins and a great range of products and services.

Benefit          Outstanding Net Profit $330,000

Benefit         Located in the popular SW region which is experiencing exceptional population growth.

LOW RISK     Increasing sales and net profits –Covid19 affect on this business has been irrelevant and the business has continued with it’s strong trading and profit history through this period.

LOW RISK     Essential Products and Services – customers cannot function without these products and services.

LOW RISK     The business is structured so that a new owner, with an interest in the automotive industry, could buy this business and easily make at least the same profits.

LOW RISK     A Low Number of  base of 2 Full-Time Staff (3 in summer)– easy to manage

LOW RISK     High Gross Profit Margin – the Business reflects a constant high gross profit margin around 52%, and Net Profit at 22%.

LOW RISK     Customers spread over wide range of industries, no-one customer is a large component of sales.

LOW RISK     High Level Of Customer Loyalty and strong word of mouth referrals, combined with repeat customers.

LOW RISK     High Asset Mix in Purchase Price– Risk reduction is further enhanced by the fact around 33% of the asking price is made up of stock and plant equipment.•

LOW RISK      No sales team – Sales are self-propelled, no sales staff needed


LIFESTYLE    Could be scaled up to run under full management

LIFESTYLE     Location Of The Business Is In WA’s beautiful South West – beaches, cafes and restaurants, great shops and a growing population.


Businesses of this quality are hard to find.  If you are seriously considering a move to the South West, then this business is worth finding out more about…..

If you are lucky enough to live in the South West but are FIFO and had enough, this is the business to look at…………..

Or you live in the South West and think its time for a profitable new challenge…………….

Won’t last long this one…

Key Features

  • Net profit $335,000
  • Absolutely essential products & services
  • Low risk, low overheads, low staff
  • Established over 60 years
  • Wide customer/income base
  • South west population growth
  • Increased demand ongoing

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Automotive Products – strong, proven business $330,000 net profit.

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