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Perth Metro North

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Graham Nankivell

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Key Features

  • Supersonic, 4-year sales growth = 107%.
  • Current ytd sales accelerating above 40%.
  • Beyond essential products.
  • High gross profit margin averaging 49%.
  • Only $1,700 advertising - sales $7 + million.
  • Under full management
  • Refill, repeat-order wholesale products.

CONTAINERISED: Import – Wholesale - Distribution

Import – Wholesale - Distribution


Business – Protection…
…Surface Covering Products
Accelerating – Sales - Momentum


Business – Passive…
Don't Lift A Finger!
Under-Management Heaven


One Business…
…3 Warehouse Locations
Perth - Bunbury - Melbourne


THE UNFILTERED TRUTH – Of A Low-Risk Business…


• LOW RISK –Refill, Repeat-Order Wholesale Products.

• LOW RISK –Only $1,700 Advertising - Sales $7 + Million.

• LOW RISK – Supersonic, 4-Year Sales Growth = 107%.

• LOW RISK – Onward-Upward Unstoppable Sales Trajectory.

• LOW RISK – No Staff Hassles! Only 11 Full-Time Staff.

• LOW RISK – Low Wage Percentage Just 12%.

• LOW RISK – Extremely Low Overheads.

• LOW RISK – High Gross Profit Margin Averaging 49%.

• LOW RISK – Current YTD Sales Accelerating Above 40%.

• LOW RISK – On Target To Eclipse Last Year's Profit.

• LOW RISK – Essential Products – Is The Sales Driver.

• LOW RISK – Intellectual Property Protection Products.

• LOW RISK – Unstoppable Demand For Products.

• LOW RISK – Full Management Team Is In Place.

• LOW RISK – Hands-Off Role For Owner.

• LOW RISK – Bulk, High Dollar Value Orders.

• LOW RISK – High Barriers To Entry For Competition.

• LOW RISK – The Number "1" Business In Its Class.

• LOW RISK – A Wholesaler Without Boundaries.

• Same Owners From Inception – Approx 10 Years.

• Unstoppable Growth - New Warehouse Openings Are Planned.

• No Deposit, Full Price Funding Potential (*) – Huge Cash Surplus After Repaying P&I loan repayments and Manager's Salary.


BEYOND ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS: The Powerhouse Sales Driver

In an era of economic volatility, the rare ability to withstand market turbulence is the holy grail for business owners. This business sector is a shining example of breaking through economic uncertainty. Even in the face of economic downturns, this thriving Business has shown robustness, consistently outperforming expectations. Its secret? – The importation and distribution of essential “must have” surface covering products distributed from its strategically placed, highly profitable warehouses in Perth, Bunbury, and Victoria.

Maintaining a consistently growing sales trend is all too easy to make money when you’re wholesaling essential products that have effortlessly become an integral part of most people’s daily lives. These products are the lifeblood of virtually all business sectors and modern living, generating an incredible demand for purchases and predictable replacements from within a growing, high-speed market.

…The Next Growth Phase Has Just Started!

Want Proof!

Buyer’s Advantage:

Direct your attention to the graph below, which offers a comparative year-to-date overview of sales growth performance across the past six years. It clearly shows that the first half of the 2024 financial year exceeded the comparative six-month period in 2023 by a huge 40%.

This isn’t just growth; it’s a significant leap forward. Yet, this remarkable new achieved sales and profit level has NOT been considered when calculating the asking price. The price, as it stands, is based on the 2022/23 net profit and does NOT include any additional goodwill for extra profit that the current year’s higher sales levels have unlocked.

In addition, the increased sales total for the current six-month year-to-date period follows a historical growth trendline over the past 6-years, indicating that the buyer could reasonably expect to achieve a substantially higher profit from day one in the Business.

Moreover, since profit plays a key role in calculating the gross asking price, there’s also a strong possibility of in-built capital gains, which could increase the business’s future selling price.


LONG-TERM GROWTH – Is Nothing Short Of Amazing!

Since its inception, this company has continually broken sales records and shows no signs of slowing down. Its unwavering demand for essential products and population growth have shielded it from the effects of turbulent economic times such as the 2019/20 downturn, the COVID-19 pandemic, WA’s stringent border closures, and the following turbulent economic conditions. This unique resilience makes it a one-of-a-kind business that is challenging to compete with or replicate.

In addition to its steady long-angle sales growth reflected in the graph below, the Business’s outstanding financial results include an impressive 140% increase in sales over the past four years. This showcases the Business’s ability to achieve continued growth despite external factors that were known to disrupt so many other companies.

SURGING SALES: No Accident, Just Demand.

Products are essential, fulfilling the fundamental need for surface coverage across a vast demographic. The continuous growth in sales is no accident; it arises from the customer’s need to replace products as they wear out quickly. This frequent repurchasing results from everyday, high wear and tear, resulting in a predictable replacement cycle. The consistent repurchasing of products underscores their vital role across every imaginable industry, ultimately adding to this Business’s sales stampede.

…Locks-In Future Wealth And Security

Buying this Business is a no-brainer due to the fundamental and essential nature of the products the business wholesales. Sales are self-propelled by multiple factors, including ongoing demand for essential items, population growth, opening warehouses in other states to meet ongoing demand, and customer repurchasing due to the significant wear and tear these products undergo daily. The synergy of these factors contributes to the impressive year-on-year historical sales growth and the continuous expansion of market share that this Business consistently achieves.

With the company’s strategic location across three sites, it has effectively built an extensive customer base, boasting around 1,000 repeat order clients.


Large national reseller outlets with individual orders ranging between $20,000 to $300,000.

Small Workforce Businesses or small firms with individual purchases of $10,000 to $30,000.

• International distributors with individual orders around $150,000 to $200,000.

This remarkable company has consistently set new sales records for more than a decade, demonstrating its resilience even in challenging economic conditions.

As If It Couldn’t Get Any Better!…

Imagine a business that offers a low-risk opportunity and a robust capacity to finance the total asking price, with the Buyer providing bank-approved collateral security.

As an example, considering a net profit of $1,761,398, a 10-year principal and interest loan pay-back term, an asking price of $6,300,000, and an interest rate of 8%, the Business has the potential to generate a cash surplus of $844,161 per annum.

Yes! – that’s right, this surplus remains intact even after accounting for the full-time manager’s salary and full-price principal and interest loan repayments.
Further growth in sales and profit creates a valuable asset silently working in the background, setting the stage for a potentially higher selling price when the Business is sold in the future.


(*) Note: it is important to note that the above example does not reflect individual owners’ requirements, such as working capital, personal taxation payments, owners’ drawings, movement in interest rates, etc., and other personal expenses that may change the expected cash surplus. Accordingly, there is no representation, warranty, or any other assurance that any of the variables, approvals, assumptions, or forecasts mentioned above will be realised. As a result, we strongly recommend that each Buyer contacts their accountant, legal advisor, and lending institution to satisfy themselves with the expected cash surplus return and the opportunity to qualify for the necessary loan approvals.

$7 + MILLION SALES: The Low-Cost Advertising Miracle

In the 2023 financial year, the Business achieved sales exceeding $7 million while spending only $1,734 on advertising.

These results highlight the current owner’s conservative management style, which has enabled the Business to succeed based on its inherent strengths and high market demand for its products. The exciting news is that this self-propelled growth is NOT slowing down.

As mentioned earlier, the latest year-to-date sales results for the 6-month period from July to December have continued to surge by an impressive 40%, placing the Business on target to eclipse the 2023 net profit on which the asking price was based on.

This means that with profits now averaging a higher amount compared to the same time last year, the new owner not only has the potential to enjoy a higher profit in the Business from day one but will also benefit from built-in capital gain growth.

More importantly, this opens up exciting possibilities for the new owner to expand sales by developing an advertising marketing plan coupled to opening new warehouses in other states to capitalise on the vast untapped market opportunities.


Having the advantage of analysing its past product demand and sales data allows the company to carefully select a high-performing stock that has the potential for fast turnover. This strategic approach not only limits the holding of slow-moving stock but also enables the Business to proficiently manage its stock levels in alignment with steady sales growth.


In summary, this wholesaler operates on a repeat, re-order, replacement cycle, targeting virtually every business sector. This positioning makes it a launchpad for explosive future growth.:

The fact that the current vendor has successfully owned this Business for approximately a decade indicates that this is a solid investment opportunity and a business you’ll want to keep forever.

VENTURE SECURELY: Low-Risk Path to Wealth!

Finding a Business that combines tremendous growth potential with stability to navigate through both good and bad times, providing its owners with peace of mind, is a rarity.

However, once you delve into our highly detailed 120-page report on this exceptional Business, any suspicions you may have about its immense potential will quickly dissipate.

Please note that the sale of this Business is highly confidential, and, therefore, the owner has explicitly requested that no phone information be shared until a confidentiality agreement has been signed.

Early Bird Advantage:

Registered Buyers To Have First Option
Register your interest now by clicking on the “email me” link at the top right-hand corner of the screen, and I will let you know once the business report is finalised.


Key Features

  • Supersonic, 4-year sales growth = 107%.
  • Current ytd sales accelerating above 40%.
  • Beyond essential products.
  • High gross profit margin averaging 49%.
  • Only $1,700 advertising - sales $7 + million.
  • Under full management
  • Refill, repeat-order wholesale products.

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To avoid disappointment, register your interest and book your 120-page business report.

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