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Meet Nilam Patel

Nilam holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He has over 30 years of experience in supporting businesses in manufacturing, fabrication, chemicals, resources, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Nilam is from the entrepreneur community and believes in a cause greater than one self. He enjoys helping people and businesses to achieve their true potential. He also enjoys Travel, Reading, Food, Coaching and Mentoring. Nilam has extensive experience in working with not for profit organizations and received awards for highest contribution towards community service.

My mission is to facilitate successful business transactions by connecting buyers with lucrative opportunities and assisting sellers in achieving their goals.

Key Skills and Services:

Industry Expertise: With a focus on commercial and industrial sectors, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities specific to these businesses. I’ve got you covered.

Business appraisal and Market Analysis: I meticulously evaluate businesses, considering financial records, industry trends, and growth potential. My goal is to determine the fair market value and guide clients toward optimal pricing strategies.

Marketing and Advertising: I create compelling listings, showcasing businesses’ strengths and growth prospects. My marketing efforts reach potential buyers through various channels, maximizing exposure.

Buyer-Seller Intermediary: Acting as a bridge between buyers and sellers, I facilitate negotiations, manage expectations, and ensure a smooth transition throughout the sales process.

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Whether you’re buying or selling, I’m committed to achieving your business goals. Reach out to discuss your needs, and let’s embark on a successful journey together!

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