Selling your business? - We can help

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important you will ever make. That’s why your decision warrants nothing but the best in planning, attention to detail and professional consultation.

At Performance Business Sales we leave nothing to chance. We continually research and review the market, write in-depth reports, contact potential buyers on our waiting list, conduct meetings and represent you in negotiations.

Selling a business is no fluke; it requires considerable expertise and specialisation and we know the market intimately. We have benchmark values based on data collected since 1982. This means we can give you an accurate financial assessment of your business with realistic expectations.

Reporting for Business

We also conduct research, write in-depth reports, review the market, contact buyers, arrange meetings and represent you in negotiations.

High Detail Colour Business Profiles

Our factual business reports average 60 pages and include staff evaluation, products, markets, facilities, sales, potential and competitive position. This selling tool replaces guesswork and hit-and-miss negotiations with a systematic approach that will strike a remarkably rewarding result, saving time and disruption to your business during the selling process. The report objectively evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the business and provides you with a realistic value you can expect to achieve.

We are one hundred per cent focused on selling each and every business and have an unmatched record of obtaining the best price in the shortest time.


The security of your business is important to us, that’s why we require every potential buyer to sign a confidentiality agreement before giving any identifying details. This, coupled with our computer cross matching system, reduces the need for advertising which may alert your competitors.

We are experts in the sale of business opportunities because selling businesses is our only business.

A Successful and Profitable Result

Why put up with business broking hassles, when Performance Business Sales can smooth the way to a successful and profitable sale resultl?

Contact Performance Business Sales whenever you are thinking of selling your business or maybe you would like to meet with us to discuss preparing your business for sale in the future.