How to Buy a Business - and Get $1000 Cash Back!

It’s a requirement that never changes. No matter what the business size - No matter what the business sector.

How Can You Make Sure You Find the Best Business in the Shortest Time?

Simple - In fact, it’s as easy as reading our brochure and completing the Contact Information questionnaire.

In answering the questions contained in this form, Performance Business Sales will help you work up what is known as a "Confidential Buyer's Profile". You should only complete the form if you are seriously intending to buy a business.

Your experience, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses help to determine whether a particular business is likely to suit you or not. The more your strengths correspond with the business' needs the more enjoyable and profitable your new ownership experience will be. Please also include such details as hobbies and special interests.

Our business cross-matching service not only includes those businesses that are already for sale, but also the hundreds of invisible businesses that we are in constant touch with, that may represent potential vendors.

Please note that the Personalised Business Search program is a chargeable service. We will contact you within a few working days of receiving your Profile Form and arrange an obligation free meeting, at your convenience, to discuss the program further. For further details, please read our Buying a Business page.

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