Business Broking is in ‘High Growth Phase’

If you are considering going into the business brokerage profession, here are some facts that should greatly assist you in making the right decision. If you have already decided to go into business brokerage—welcome! Our proven program will assist you with the knowledge, education, and information you need to start on the road to success.

It Is All in the Numbers

Selling businesses is a growth industry because businesses are an attractive ‘money making’ and ‘wealth building’ proposition for a growing number of Australians.

It’s no secret that many people from the ‘baby boomer’ era – those born between 1946 and 1960 – may be forced to invest in an existing business with a good profit margin to maintain their lifestyle after retirement. Others, who have operated successful businesses, will want to sell and enjoy their retirement freedom. This market is still relatively untapped, and Performance Business Sales offers you all the essential training tools and methods you need to capitalise upon this opportunity.

Clear evidence shows business broking is in a high-growth phase as the number of equity-rich ‘baby boomers’ reaches record levels.

Selected businesses have a proven earnings capability that is likely to support full-price loan repayments and the owner’s wages, whilst still providing surplus profits to the owner. In the future, selling positively geared investments will never be easier, particularly if you have the Performance Business Sales advantage. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and take full advantage of a growing ‘equity rich’ sector of society that is ‘cashed-up’ and ready to invest.

The Performance Business Sales Broker Training Program has been created from a combined 70 year broking experience-this experience is thousands of successful business sales.

What Is it Like To Be a Business Broker?

As you will see, there are many ways to be successful in business brokerage. Very few people leave business brokerage because they don’t like it. The majority leave it because they didn’t pay attention to the basics and consequently weren’t successful. That’s why every new Broker employed by Performance Business Sales must work alongside an experience Broker mentor to fully understand and master the basics. What other business can you be in that allows you to control your own time, is always different and exciting, and places no limitations on your earnings?

The sale of a business involves many emotional issues. The seller has probably put many hours and much effort into the business. His or her decision to sell has to be an emotional one. After all, the sale of a business is the end of one person’s dream, and the beginning of another’s. As you will soon see, the reason for the sale is very important to the selling process, perhaps the most important one. Business owners sell their business for a variety of reasons such as: retirement, poor health, partnership or marital difficulties, “burn-out,” or lack of business success.

Business Broking is an exciting profession. The thrill of putting the deal together successfully is just as rewarding as the fee that is earned at the closing of the sale, if not more so! The more you learn about the business, the more successful you will be at it.

Business brokerage is also very exciting. Every day we deal with different businesses, different people, different situations, different needs and expectations. It's an excellent business and career choice if you'd like to avoid the same old routine day-in and day-out. What's more, the longer you have been established, the more repetitive sales and automatic income you generate. Also generally there is no weekend work, as most business owners prefer to do business Monday to Friday.

Joining Performance Business Sales - The Best in the Business.

  • We have one of the largest databases of backlogged Buyers in Western Australia.
  • Established over 20+ years; a track record with an existing recurring listing base of quality businesses.
  • Performance Business Sales is ranked first page on Google on most important key word searches. This means you will be best positioned to attract a greater number of buyers and sellers.
  • Our very own Business Report writing division will professionally write and graphically display a full detailed profile on every business you list. This means your listings will have a competitive edge against others in the open market.
  • Higher Commission on your successful sales. We are renowned to pay the highest commission percentages to brokers in Western Australia.
  • We believe buying a business should not be complicated so the Performance Business Sales unique software is designed to simplify and safeguard the process as much as possible. Brokers are guided through the sales process step-by-step. Relevant details about the buyer or seller are entered into our in-house developed computer software only once and then, at the click of a mouse, all documentation such as business appraisals, listings, offers and letters are generated automatically. Our exclusive unique proven system also enables you to track and produce activity reports on individual buyers and sellers more quickly, efficiently and confidentially than any other broker. This intelligent cloud-based software eliminates hit-and-miss negotiations which are replaced with a systematic approach that ensures a fast rewarding deal.
  • Luxury 5 star office accommodation in the heart of central West Perth. Our premises incorporate, ground floor accommodation, large board room with internet and TV access, large coffee lounge/cafe, 2 large meeting rooms etc.

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