Our Name Says it All-Performance Business Sales.

We have taken the role of the business sales and acquisitions broker and dragged it screaming into the 21st century. We have added the powerful element of performance to what has traditionally been a somewhat pedestrian profession.

How Being Different Makes Us the Best

At Performance Business Sales we believe we're the best in the business. That's because, unlike many of our competitors, we do much more than simply bring buyer and seller together.

We start by understanding that both the seller and the buyer are looking for their own definition of the 'best price'. And we recognise their need to know what the business is really worth in the prevailing market situations.

In other words, we work equally for both parties and treat each with the respect, understanding and courtesy they deserve. This in itself makes Performance Business Sales virtually unique.


At Performance Business Sales we continually strive to provide a level of customer service that represents 'world's best practice'. We employ our knowledge, expertise, integrity and leading-edge technology to deliver fast and accurate outcomes that are the envy of our competitors.

We are renowned across Australia for our commercial ethics. We seldom advertise for business, relying instead on referrals from past clients, accountants, financers, bank managers, financial advisors and immigration consultants who recommend us to their clients assured in the knowledge that our standards parallel their own.

Performance Business Sales - The Accountant's Choice

Experienced Business Brokers specialising in the sale and acquisition of Commercial & Industrial Businesses - Wholesale, Distribution, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Service, Transport, Medical, Large Retail & a range of other business opportunities.